Subclinical issues are highly treatable with our Neuroscience-Informed Therapy (Applied Neuroscience & Psychological therapies & Clinical Hypnosis & Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy). We are also one of the few clinical neurofeedback training service providers in Malaysia (Bangsar South). Our mental health care service also offers great advantages as an adjunct to standard medical management. We're happy to relieve your symptoms and improve your quality of life. We are committed to providing quality therapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment.

 Most of the screening method in the market won't tell you much about the underlying biology of mood, performance, and attention issues. 
 So, people end up with one-size-fits-all treatment plans.

Here, we want to make a difference. Thus, one of our consultants will assess your subconscious mind and peek into your brainwaves (The Executive Brain screening method). It is a completely safe, painless, non invasive, and no side-effect screening method. 

The professional fee for an hour screening (including consultation and report) is only RM190.
Feel free to contact us to schedule your appointment.

No worries, you won't be labelled by our brain health specialists.
Suggestions will be offered as a starting point for therapy or training.

The Executive Brain screening - Problems with executive function can impact you in everyday life. Understanding your brain's issues makes it easier for you to find the best supports and the best strategies in life. Executive functions let people plan, organize, memorize, self control, regulate emotion and complete tasks. Screening will be conducted via Brain Entrainment method (EEG biofeedback/Neurofeedback). It is not a diagnosis tool or a cure for any diagnosed conditions. It works by resolving the underlying imbalances and brain dysregulation. It is clearer viewed as personal training rather than a treatment.

For client who stays in other states (or during MCO period) or other Southeast Asia Countries, 
you can opt for our online consultation session.




QEEG brain mapping assessment

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy Malaysia

Accredited Goulding SleepTalk® Process Consultation Malaysia

Corporate Wellness and Stress Management Program in Malaysia 

Psychological Hypnosis Method

Weight Management Program in Malaysia

Tourette Syndrome Management Malaysia

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Management Malaysia

Insomnia Specialist in Malaysia

* Severe or illness case needs to work along with other medical specialists.

Clinical Hypnosis for:
Pain Management
Relax the Autonomic Nervous System
Reprogramming the Mind
Psychosomatic Disorder
Pre- and Post-Operative Preparation 

Hypnotherapy adjunct with Psychotherapy for:
Insomnia and Sleep disorder
Panic Attack
Personality Disorder
Sexual Performance Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management:
Hypnoband (Virtual Gastric Band) for Weight management
Hypnodermatology (Skin Problem)
Body Image and Confident Boosting

Hypnotherapy for Habit Breaking:
Be a Non-smoker
Gambling Habit
Act on Impulse and Anger Management

Training for Peak Performance:
Deal with Performance Anxiety in Trading
Boost your Creativity
Boost your Motivation level
Improving Memory
Improving Focus Ability and Attention Span
Improving Sporting Performance


English Version of Neuro-hypnotherapy
中文 Mandarin Version of Neuro-hypnotherapy (脑波反馈催眠疗法)
is available.

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