Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Malaysia

An increasing number of companies are offering corporate wellness programs to their staff.
EAP services improve employee performance, absenteeism, productivity and engagement
 Our unique Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a solution focused program that offers private and confidential brain based assessments, clinical hypnotherapy, coaching, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems.
Our goal is clear: Peak Performance for your employees.
The ability for employees to function and perform at a high-level consistently is greatly aided by our Employee Assistance Program. Here we don't practice diagnostic or labeling, we just offer help to improve your brain health.

Our EAP program address various form of issues such as:

 Health and Safety Concerns
Stress and Trauma Symptoms
Anxiety and Panic Attack Issues
Weight Issues/Obesity
Alcohol, Drug or Others Addiction Issues
Smoking Issues

Relationship and Family Matters
Relationship/Parenting Issues
Grief Issues
Family Problems

Work-Related Issues
Co-worker Communications
Job-related Problems

 Why Our Program?
Here, we don't label or diagnose an individual. We merely want to improve your employee brain health via various unconscious mind focused modalities such as clinical hypnosis, clinical neurofeedback, creative art technique etc. We are not only collaborate with registered therapist, but we also offer various form of wellness program . In addition to clinical hypnotherapy and coaching program, we also provide the following workshop or individual therapy:
  • Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation
  • Hypnotherapy for weight management
  • Hypnotherapy to manage stress and emotional issues
  •  Clinical neurofeedback, 
  • Brain Health Screening
  • Mindfulness training 
  • Creative art coaching workshop
  • Behavior modification related workshop  
  • Nutritional Consultation to Stabilize the mood
  • The Happiness Diet Workshop

Multiple modalities:
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, 
  • Telesupport, 
  • Life Coaching,
  • Text and Email Support,
  • Creative Coaching Game Method, 
  • Clinical Neurofeedback Training for Better Brain Executive Functioning
  • (All in confidential and secure way)

 Our Team:
We collaborate with registered clinical neurofeedback practitoner, clinical hypnotherapist, and nutritional consultation to offer the EAP program.

Feel free to whatsapp 0167154419 or Email us via: newmindcentre@gmail.com for more info.
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Our therapist has conducted the corporate talk, health talk, psychoeducation, guest lecturer, training, EEG brain screening or workshop for following organizations:

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