Thursday, January 6, 2022

[Media] FM 988 Interview: 找不出病因?催眠或许有帮助! (谈自律神经失调dysautonomia symptoms)


明早8am-9am #988早点up_交换角度,线上邀来临床催眠治疗师Hiro Koo,分享通过催眠如何改善身心反应问题~
988 DJ : Chan Fong 988 DJ : Joycelyn 慧敏 988 DJ : Ee Kiat 毅杰

Thursday, November 25, 2021

2021马来西亚国际青年商会十大杰出青年奖30强-Hiro Koo Kian Yong(古健荣)

We are proud to announce that our Clinical Hypnotherapist Hiro Koo Kian Yong (古健荣) has been nominated as the 2021 Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) Award Top 30 Finalist, a national project of JCI Malaysia (JCIM), hosting by JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin (JCIKLM).



Sunday, October 31, 2021

[Publication] The Asia Pacific Journal of Neurotherapy - Case Report: Neurofeedback to deal with Behavior Difficulties


This case report presented a subject, client J who exhibited emotional and behavioral problems which affected his socialization and learning significantly. This client undertook 20 sessions of clinical neurofeedback. The clinical neurofeedback protocols were designed according to a Bottom-up approach with Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) as a reference. Client J showed significant changes in EEG at the training sites along with changes in problematic behaviors. This finding, while preliminary, suggests that a bottom-up approach may be useful one for designing effective protocols. However, there are other factors likely to have contributed to positive outcomes in this case. In particular, the subject had undertaken early intervention and also participated in other therapies. The parents support and commitment during the period that neurofeedback took place is also likely a significant factor. 


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