Biography of Dr. Hiro Koo

As a dedicated learning and development professional with over a decade of experience, Dr. Hiro Koo offers cutting-edge, personalized learning solutions that drive transformative results. With a rich background in psychology, hypnotherapy, and applied neuroscience interventions, he creates engaging and highly effective training experiences that empower organizations and individuals to achieve their goals and reach their full potential

Dr. Hiro Koo is the innovator of Neuro-Hypnotherapy method and has more than 10 years of experience in the field. He holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (Lond.), undergraduate and master's degrees in psychology, a post-graduate certificate in traumatic stress studies, and a Ph.D. specializing in research areas of Neurofeedback, Clinical Hypnosis, and Expressive Art Therapy (UUM). He is also an award-winning Clinical Neurofeedback Practitioner, certified Master Trainer in Clinical Neurofeedback (S.B.C.I.A Singapore), Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapist (IMDHA), PSIMA Registered Psychologist, as well as registered Hypnotherapist (MSCH & AHPM).

Furthermore, Dr. Hiro Koo has undergone clinical training and practicum in hypnotherapy and neurofeedback in Singapore and is the first person to help the hypnotherapy industry to gain the approval to develop the vocational training pathway for "Hypnotherapy" in the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) under the Department of Skills Development (DSD), Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia. He is currently the clinical director of New Mind Brain Health Centre, located at the Wisma Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre; the principal instructor for the UK FHT Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy and HRD Corp Accredited Trainer. Dr. Hiro Koo's expertise in the field of psychological hypnosis, psychotherapy, and biofeedback makes him well-positioned to help people understand how their brain and unconscious mind play a crucial role in their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Integrating the concept of Occupational Health Psychology (OHP), Dr. Hiro Koo employs primary and secondary preventive strategies while leveraging his expertise in neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, and expressive art therapy. By delivering brain health care services and corporate mental health training to various organizations, Dr. Koo prioritizes stress prevention and addresses potential issues at their early stages, embodying the primary preventive approach in various organizational settings. Additionally, he facilitates specialized training programs that emphasize OHP principles, fostering positive mental health cultures in workplaces. Through these initiatives, Dr. Koo enables organizations to establish psychologically safe and supportive work environments, focusing on employee mental well-being, productivity, and overall success, while effectively managing existing mental health concerns with secondary and tertiary preventive measures.

In addition to his credentials and achievements, Dr. Hiro Koo has received several awards, including the Gold Medal Innovation in Counseling Award (PERKAMA) in 2019, the Hall of Wellness Awards 2020 - Wellness Specialist/Practitioner Asia, and was a Top 30 Finalist for the 2021 & 2023 Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) Award. He was also honored with the UTAR Outstanding Alumni Award 2022 for Creativity and Innovation.

*Based on the Malaysia Standard Industry Classification (MSIC) 2008, the hypnotherapist is classified under Section (Q) Human Health and Social Work Activities. The 3-digit code match for a hypnotherapist is Group (869) Other Human Health Activities.

Dr. Hiro Koo received his Ph.D. Doctoral Scroll from the Pro-Chancellor of UUM, Raja Muda of Kedah—His Royal Highness Tengku Sarafudin Badlishah Ibni Al Aminul Karim Sultan Sallehuddin.

Professional Title: 

  • Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapist (IMDHA)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (PDChyp)
  • Clinical Neurofeedback Practitioner (SBCIA)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapist (Dip.CBH)
  • HRD Corp Accredited Trainer
  • PSIMA Registered Psychologist

Professional Membership:
  • Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH) - Life Member
  • Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM) Practicing Member (13-PM-041)
  • Malaysian Psychological Association (PSIMA) - PSIMA Registered Psychologist (#61700191)
  • American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) - Full Member (27688) (until June 2022)
  • International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) - Member (0621-070189)
  • American Psychological Association (APA) - Associate Membership (59610305) (until 2021)
  • Member of APA Division 30: Society of Psychological Hypnosis (Member No: 59610305)
  • Member of APA Division 56: Trauma Psychology (Member No: 59610305)
  • Malaysian Society of Neurosciences (MSN) - Life Member (MSN/0816/L) 
  • Association for Creative Arts and Play Therapy Malaysia (ACAPTM) - Associate Member (AsM 20-0002)
  • Member of the International Council of Integrative Psychotherapists - MICIP (Snr Accred.) #361846 (Until September 2023)
  • Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS) - (Level 4: Certified Master Practitioner) A0301
  • Nicaraguan Association for the Development of Psychology (ANDEPSI) - (Membership No: 12-1)
  • Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) Life Member
  • International Institutional Member of International Society for Neuroregulation and Research (ISNR) - Membership ID 64621249

  Professional Affiliations:
  • Federation of Complementary and Natural Medical Associations Malaysia (FCNMAM) - Deputy President (2022-Now)
  • Association for Creative Arts and Play Therapy Malaysia (ACAPTM)- Vice President (2020-Now)
  • Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM) - President (2022-Now)
  • Spectrum Biofeedback Certification Institute of Asia (SBCIA) - Certified Neurofeedback Master Trainer
  • International Certification Board for Clinical Hypnotherapists (ICBCH) - Certified hypnosis instructor 
  • International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) - Certified Master Trainer



Most Recent Research Publications
(Article featured in the UMMC's Journal)


Supervisors (Past or Present):
  • Hypnotherapist and Counselor, Dr Jana Martiskova from UK (Supervisor for Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy Practice)
  • Expressive Art Therapist and Counselor, Dr Azzy from Msia, trained in Scotland UK (Supervisor for PhD from 2017 till present, as well as the Creative Arts Therapy Technique Practice)
  • Clinical Psychologist, Dr Meena from Germany (Supervisor for the MSc in Psychology from 2014 to 2016)
  • Late Dr Kenneth Kang (Supervisor for Clinical Neurofeedback Practice from 2013 to 2017)
  • On-going peer supervision with SBCIA master trainers, hypnotherapist and registered counselors 

Professional Liability Insurance:
Professional Liability Insurance Coverage for all my practice (Clinical Hypnosis, Psychological Therapies, Neurofeedback), 
Insurance coverage territory: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. 
Professional Training:
  • Post-Graduate Certificate In Traumatic Stress Studies (Trauma Research Foundation lead by Dr Bessel van der Kolk)
  • Certificate in Learning & Development Practitioner 
  • Certificate in Hypnosis & Psychotherapy for Fertility (CHFP) (Certified Hypnotic Fertility Practitioner)
  • Certificate of Specialty in Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy (IMDHA) 
  • Certification in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (Anglo European College. ),
  • Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis Level 1 from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (UK College. BPS Approved Course) 450 hours,
  • Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (London College.) Year 2012, 540 hours,
  • Certificate in EMDR & Psychological Trauma (London College.) 
  • Certificate in Ego State Therapy & Healing the Fractured Self (London College.),
  • Creative Arts & Play Therapy Practitioner (Training and under supervision of Dr Azzy) 100 hours,
  • Licensed Goulding SleepTalk® Consultant
  • Hypno-Band practitioner (UK),  
  • Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, 
  • Certification in Neurofeedback Practitioner (SBCIA, under supervision of Dr Kenneth Kang),
  • Points of You Academy Creatives Tools & Training for Development (Coaching Game Practitioner)
  • Certification in Clinical Trauma Professional Training Level 1 (CCTP)
  • Certificate in Safe and Sound Protocol Training (Dr Stephen Porges)
  • Certificate in Applied Neuroscience for Treating Anxiety, Panic, and Worry (Dr Catherine M. Pittman) 
  • Certificate in Vocational Training Operation (Level Three) - NOSS Malaysia
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy Supervision (GHR Acknowledged Supervisor Training)
  • Certificate of HRD Corp Accredited Trainer (2023-2026)

Guest Writer
  • Natural Health Magazine
  • Citta Bella | Life Magazines
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Magazine
  • Jasmine Magazine
  • PurelyB Malaysia
  • 《我要健康》My Health Newspaper
  • Newsletter Yakult Live
  • Nuyou Magazine
  • 东方日报Oriental Daily Newspaper

Guest Speaker or Presenter
  • Presenter for the Biofeedback Federation of Europe (BFE) 2024 Conference @ Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Poster Presenter for the BACP International Research Conference 2024
  • Poster Presenter for the 35th Annual Boston International Trauma Conference (2024)
  • Member Interview featured in the APA Division 30 Spring/Summer 2024 newsletter
  • Industry Guest Lecturer for the Introduction to Social Psychology (SPYB113) at the UNITEN (August 2023)
  • Guest Lecturer for the PSY3054 Psychology Seminar at the Sunway University (June 2022)
  • Guest Speaker for Foon Yew High School's Teachers and Management (Stress Capacity Building Workshop) (June 2022)
  • Guest Lecturer for MAHSA MedSoc and Diponegoro University, Indonesia (International Cultural Exchange (ICE) Event 2021)
  • Paper Presentation for the 4th Malaysian International Psychology Conference 2021 - Trauma Informed Clinical Neurofeedback
  • Speaker for The New Me in 2021: ′′ Coping With My Anxiety and Panic " organized by UPSI Counseling Center 
  • Guest lecturer to share about career as Clinical Hypnotherapist for UTAR Psychology degree "Introduction to psychology" 2021
  • 3rd BNC Hi-5 “V-Symposium” 2020 under the Malaysian Society of Neurosciences (MSN) - Presenter
  • 988 FM Radio Guest Speaker 2020/2021
  • The International Counselling Seminar 2019 - Presenter
  • Miss Astro 2019 国际华裔小姐 - Mentor for Creative Coaching Workshop 
  • AiFM Radio Guest Speaker since 2019
  • Sabah VFM Guest Speaker since 2021
  • 8TV 八度空间《活力加油站》- 囤积症
  • 8TV 八度空间《活力加油站》- 临床催眠X脑电波反馈疗法
  • Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA) Mental Healthy Day - Opening Ceremony Guest Speaker "Mind and Body Relationship"
  • AstroBella - My Doctors "Guest as Clinical Hypnotherapist Expert"
  • Segi University - Psychology Career Forum (Guest As Clinical Hypnotherapist Expert)
  • 1st Malaysian International Integrative Healthcare Conference at CUCMS in 2017 - Clinical Neurofeedback for kids with special needs
  • The 6th Child Development and Mental Health International Forum and the 4th Asia Pacific/Neurofeedback/ Biofeedback Conference 2018 - Trauma effect on kid's executive functioning
  • 3rd Asian Neurofeedback Conference 2017 - Dysautonomia
  • 2nd Asian Neurofeedback Conference 2016 - Tic and Tourette Syndrome
  • 1st Asian Neurofeedback Conference 2015 - Neuro-hypnotherapy technique
  • NTV7 Good Morning Tai Tai《活力早晨》如何预防电话催眠 (13/4/2015)
  • Astro 325《你好奇的事III》之催眠治疗师 

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy Qualification

American Psychological Association (APA): Associate Membership #: 59610305 (Until 2021)
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) - Full Member (27688) (until June 2022)

Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH) - Life Member

Registered Practicing Hypnotherapist (13-PM-041) of The Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM)
Honorary Secretary of Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia (AHPM) - (2017/2018)
Vice President (2021-Now)  
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) - Member (0621-070189) 

PSIMA Registered Psychologist (#61700191)

Malaysian Society of Neurosciences - Ordinary Member (MSN816/O)

 Association for Creative Arts and Play Therapy Malaysia - Associate Member (AsM 20-0002) 
Vice President (2019/2020)

Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS):
(Level 4: Certified Master Practitioner) A0301

Verified Singapore Registered Practitioner (Psychology Today SG)

Trauma Research Foundation trained trauma informed practitioner

Dr Hiro Koo, the hypnotherapist from New Mind Brain Health Centre, is the first one who got approval to list and develop the vocational training pathway for "Hypnotherapy" in the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) under the Department of Skills Development (DSD), Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.

HRD Corp Accredited Trainer (July 2023-July 2026)

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We advocate the benefits of Hypnosis in Malaysia.
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古健荣博士Dr Hiro Koo为一名创伤知情催眠治疗师。 他同时也是脑波反馈疗法导师、创伤导向催眠从业者文凭导师、杂志报刊专栏作者、电台嘉宾。 2009年开始涉足身心疗愈界,并接连修学并完成心理学学士、心理学硕士与北大博士学位。为了更全面地潜入大脑潜意识进行身心调整,他也完成了临床催眠、认知心理催眠、脑波反馈疗法、心理创伤学、表达艺术与其他心理调整技术相关国际证书。 

身为大马催眠治疗师 协会(AHPM)会长,他也热衷于推广催眠与各种身心疗法的益处到各大媒体电台报刊、学府与大众之外,除了有多年全职催眠治疗之经验外,近年也积极地开创了催眠相关课程。在2021年,他也凭着创伤导向催眠与脑波疗法(创新医学)成为大马十大杰青30强。

 除了在大马活跃的推广催眠与心理创伤关怀,他也积极参与国际催眠与心理创伤相关活动。他本身催眠治疗师资格也受美国临床催眠学会(ASCH)与国际医学及牙科催眠协会(IMDHA)认证。他也是一名认证脑波反馈导师(SBCIA)与催眠治疗导师(IACT与ICBCH),于2021年开始推出了英国整体治疗师联合会(FHT)认证的创伤导向催眠文凭。 他也是一名英国与新加坡注册治疗师,注册于新加坡心理治疗师和咨询师协会(APACS),也同时为马来西亚心理学会(PSIMA)注册会员。


古健荣博士Dr Hiro Koo是一名童年创伤幸存者。他于童年时期经历了校园霸凌,且还常年无助地身陷家庭问题冲突;不仅长期遭受身体和心理的霸凌,更因身心创伤而出现多种找不出病因的自律神经失调症状。然而,由于心理创伤还没有严重至引起精神疾病,也同时是看不到和无法轻易被理解的亚健康状况,他因此在好一段时日中备受社会体系的边缘化,自身深感迷失与不被接纳而曾经自暴自弃,甚至一度选择轻生去结束这一番说不出的伤。所幸在后来接触了催眠类别疗法后,他犹如被激发了内在的保护者面具,多年来奋发努力学习心理学、催眠学、脑波反馈疗法学、艺术治疗、创伤学等课程,并在学有所成后成立创伤知情新思维脑健康中心New Mind Brain Health Centre与新思维学苑New Mind Academy,致力于推广创伤知情疗法与英国FHT认证从业者文凭课程等。他希望透过创伤知情疗法、脑波反馈疗法与其他潜意识导向方式的推广,让饱受其困扰却求助无门的大众,有个可以被帮助及被听到的管道。是的,你不需要严重到患上了精神疾病才需要被帮助,哪怕是一些不适症状、哪怕别人说得再轻松,你都可以被容许伤痛。与此同时,你还可以再得到疗愈后活出真我,因为每一位受过创伤的你,都值得拥有自在、轻松的生活权利。


使用科学化的循证(evidence based)自然疗法来提升生活质量

  • 让大众了解到,除了精神科的西药以外,还有自然与辅助疗法可以作为治疗方式之一。 
  • 使用无副作用,安全,非侵入性的自然与辅助疗法作为身心灵疗愈方法。 
  • 运用自然与辅助疗法来改变所谓的小毛病与坏习惯,调整情绪与训练脑功能等从而改善生活质量。 
  • 病从浅中医,在身心状况开始出现小毛病时就开始正视并改善。不只能预防严重心理疾病的产生,还能帮助改进整个社区的身心健康。

  • 当大众面对身心灵问题时,将会考虑使用已经科学化的循证辅助与传统自然疗法。 
  • 当病人进行药物治疗时,也会善用循证辅助疗法来加速疗愈过程与改善生活质量。 
  • 大家不再把辅助疗法如催眠疗法与节目中的娱乐效果如舞台催眠秀混为一谈 

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