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Our service will allow you to deal with the root cause of your problem without 
labeling, non-judgemental, painless, safe, no side effect and drugless.

Our Unique Approach - Neuro-Hypnotherapy 

Assessments of hypnotizability and brain research both show that hypnotherapy is indeed an evidence-based, effective modality.
Neuro-hypnotherapy is first of its kind in Malaysia developed by Hiro Koo. It is a psychological hypnosis technique which combines the evidence-based technology and science of psychology. It is a safe, non-invasive, drug-free and painless procedure whereby one is able to train the brainwave state while conducting the neuro-hypnotherapy. To analyse the brainwaves, your clinical hypnotherapist will use the neurotherapy technology, whereby one can train the brainwave going into different state such as delta, theta, alpha and beta brainwave while the suggestion is being given by the clinical hypnotherapist during the therapy session, personalized self-hypnosis method will be developed based on the observation. Neuro-hypnotherapy service combines psychotherapy, hypnosis and EEG biofeedback, promising therapeutic value for medical and psychological problems.We are one of the pioneers who offer Clinical Neurofeedback/EEG biofeedback training in Malaysia. EEG biofeedback training is a neuroscience-based method of brain training that helps your brain to work in a more efficient way. *Brain entrainment (include EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback) falls under the jurisdiction of the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM) - clause 3(b).

Professional Membership:
The Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM)
- Practicing Member (13-PM-041)
AHPM Committee Member (Membership Director) 2016/17
Malaysian Psychological Association - Full Member (B288/14)
American Psychological Association (APA) Division 30 - The Society of Psychological Hypnosis (Membership ID: 59610305)
Malaysian Society of Neurosciences - Associate Member (MSN685/A)

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Natural Health Magazine
Citta Bella | Life Magazines
A Healthy Lifestyle Magazine
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Guest Lecturer

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
Southern University College

Guest Speaker

Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA) Mental Healthy Day - Opening Ceremony Guest Speaker "Mind and Body Relationship"
AstroBella - My Doctors "Guest as Clinical Hypnotherapist"
1st Malaysian International Integrative Healthcare Conference at CUCMS in 2017 - Clinical Neurofeedback for kids with special needs
3rd Asian Neurofeedback Conference 2017 - Dysautonomia

2nd Asian Neurofeedback Conference 2016 - Tic and Tourette Syndrome

1st Asian Neurofeedback Conference 2015 - Neuro-hypnotherapy technique
NTV7 Good Morning Tai Tai《活力早晨》如何预防电话催眠 (13/4/2015)

Astro 325《你好奇的事III》之催眠治疗师

Biography of Hiro Koo
Hiro Koo, the founder of Neuro-Hypnotherapy technique Malaysia, completed his Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (Lond.), BSocSc(Hons) in Psychology and M.Sc in Clinical Psychology. He is also a PhD Candidate who specialized in Clinical Hypnosis and Expressive Art Therapy (UUM). A certified master trainer in neurofeedback (S.B.C.I.A), a certified self hypnosis instructor, a registered and licensed clinical hypnotherapist (AHPM, APA-The Society of Psychological Hypnosis, PSIMA-Malaysia Psychological Association), a licensed Hypno-Band practitioner (UK), a certified specialist in hypnosis and pain management (USA), a member of the Sleep Disorder Society Malaysia and an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. Hiro Koo is currently attached to Hypnosis Integrative Hub @ LifeCare Diagnostic Medical Centre as consultant. Hiro Koo's expertise in the field of psychological hypnosis, neurotherapy, psychotherapy, traditional chinese medicinecomplementary and alternative medicine has placed him in great position to help us understand how our brain and subconscious mind play a predominant role in our mental, emotional and physical health. With specifics on how to get this powerful resource working for us on a daily basis, wellness can therefore be attained. 
(Written by Spectrum of Life Integrative Wellness Centre)

American Psychological Association (APA) Division 30 - The Society of Psychological Hypnosis (Membership #: 59610305)

Registered Practicing Hypnotherapist (13-PM-041) of The Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM)
Honorary Secretary of Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia (AHPM) - 2017

Full member of Malaysian Psychological Association (B288/14)

Malaysian Society of Neurosciences - Associate Member (MSN685/A)

中文版解说(Hiro Koo于Astro电视台的节目中解说催眠疗法):

以上照片来自ntv7《活力早晨》,以Clinical Hypnotherapist身份担任采访嘉宾片段。
左一男生为Hiro Koo。

古健荣又名Hiro Koo,北大博士生(主攻临床催眠与表达艺术治疗),拥有临床心理学硕士、心理学学士、英国临床催眠疗法与脑科学脑波反馈疗法学术资格。他的临床治疗职涯中紧密与自然疗法医师,中西医专才进行跨领域临床治疗与研究。其身心灵治疗法结合现代科技,在安全与无药物的基础下进行疗愈。目前为大马催眠医师协会的秘书长,也是一名注册执业的临床催眠医师与心理治疗师




PSIMA马来西亚心理学会会员序号: B 288/14


使用科学化的循证(evidence based)辅助医学与传统自然疗法来提升生活质量

  • 让大众了解到,除了精神科的西药以外,还有自然与辅助疗法可以作为治疗方式之一。 
  • 使用无副作用,安全,非侵入性的自然与辅助疗法作为身心灵疗愈方法。 
  • 运用自然与辅助疗法来改变坏习惯,调整情绪与训练脑功能等从而改善生活质量。 

  • 当大众面对身心灵问题时,将会考虑使用已经科学化的循证辅助医学与传统自然疗法。 
  • 当病人进行药物治疗时,也会善用循证辅助医学疗法来加速疗愈过程与改善生活质量。 
  • 大家不再把辅助医学疗法如临床催眠疗法与节目中的娱乐效果如舞台催眠秀混为一谈 
  • 了解到辅助医学是一种循证(evidence based)医学法。

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