Saturday, September 8, 2018

The 4th Asia Pacific Neurofeedback/Biofeedback Conference 2018.

Had a great time here:) I shared about how the various form of trauma affects the executive functioning of the brain (such as focus and planning etc.)
I am so happy to meet all neurofeedback practitioners from all around the world.

The 6th Child Development and Mental Health International Forum and the 4th Asia Pacific/Neurofeedback/ Biofeedback Conference. Opening Ceremony by the Director & Deputy Director General of Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand; Director-General of Department of Mental Oral Health Taiwan; Acting Director of RICD Thailand & Prof Dato Dr Susie See of APNA.
I am glad to be one of the invited speakers from Malaysia to present the wonder of clinical neurofeedback and advantages of brain mapping.
Special thanks to Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health, Department of Mental Health; Medical Team of Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development; Conference Organise Committee and APNA committee to make this event happens:)

Thursday, August 9, 2018

8TV 八度空间《活力加油站》- 临床催眠X脑电波反馈疗法

受邀到8TV的《活力加油站》探讨脑波反馈催眠疗法与QEEG Brain mapping等好处与用途。
希望让更多人了解Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Neurofeedback和brain mapping的益处。主持人总结道:“催眠好科学”。让我倍感安慰!
 On air today (8TV), It is my honor to be the guest speaker to promote awareness for clinical hypnotherapy, neurofeedback and QEEG brain mapping:)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

[testimonial亲子工作坊见证]必学的潜意识暗示法 · 教你如何改善孩子情商



报名方式: Whatsapp 016-7154419 | pm 


Name              : Hazel
Age                 : 31
Town              : Kepong

Name              : Jasmine
Age                 : 40
Town              : Kuala Lumpur

Name              : Cassandra
Age                 : 37
Town              : Kuala Lumpur
Job title          : Marketing

Name              : Chong
Age                 : 37
Town              : Bandar Sunway

Name              : Koh
Age                 : 37
Town              : Seri Kembangan

Name              : Maydelyn
Age                 : 42

Name              : Serene
Age                 : 37
Town              : Taman Desa
Job title          : Housewife

Name              : Daphne
Age                 : 39
Town              : Selangor
Job title          : IT Specialist
To understand and learn more of sleep talk that how powerful our language towards the kids/children. Can’t wait to try it out on kids and looking forward for something amazing.

Name              : Stella
Age                 : 31
Town              : Klang
Job title          : Managerial
Yes. For new parents as this is a very beneficial knowledge to tackle children issue (if any) in future. Through this also we can understand the parents’ power in firming up children’s character. Starting from young, spending 2 minutes a day and you will be benefited from it!

Appear Name  : Elizabeth Ooi
Town               : Klang
Age                 : 36
Job Title          : Dance instructor

这工作坊精要地把 “Sleep Talk” 的重要性提出来, 说明字眼的暗示性如何深深地影响一个个体的心理成长。将是透过各种生活上他所面对的案例,以亲切活泼的用语传达给学员,实际可靠的催眠技术,让人有动力去实践所学。

Appear Name  : Hong Wea Ping
Town               : Petaling Jaya
Age                 : 38
Job Title          : Administrator

Yes. I gained more knowledge on how to give more love and care to my children and what kids of words can say and cannot. Besides, I also learned how to give and create a more safety environment to my children. I believe this sleep talk will hemp my son improve his hot tempered attitude and improve his sleeping habits.

Appear Name  : Ting Wee
Town               : Puchong
Age                 : 39
Job Title          : IT/ coach

Sleep Talk technique not only involves the psychological aspects of our children, but Hiro has transcript it from neuro-science and also the affection in the family. He also shared many real-life cases that lift up all of the above aspects.