Monday, May 21, 2018

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment in Malaysia (A nondrug approach to TBI)

Clinical Neurofeedback Training for the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 
is now available in Malaysia!

            Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a heterogeneous disorder, with different presentations depending on the nature of the injury. Thus, these make TBI difficult to treat. Clinical neurofeedback is a therapy that will be of great benefit to TBI sufferers. Clinical neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback whereby sufferers can learn to control measurements of brain activity such as those recorded by an electroencephalogram (EEG). You can treat it as a training method instead (Real brain based exercise).
            It is found that clinical neurofeedback training could help in recovery of function subsequent to the brain injury. The regaining of these functions can be seen through observable behavior. Reviewing past studies, the results of clinical neurofeedback showed broad improvement among TBI population. Also, TBI sufferers self-reported improvement in a wide range of symptoms in multiple studies. They were relieved of their symptoms, including:
·    attention deficit
·    processing speed
·    learning and memory
·    motor control and coordination
·    irritability
·    impulse control
·    seizures
·    dizziness
·    headache
·    decreased energy
·    depression
·    sleep
·    photophobia (light sensitivity)
·    phonophobia (sound sensitivity)

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Source:  May, G., Benson, R., Balon, R., & Boutros, N. (2013). Neurofeedback and traumatic brain injury: A literature review. Annals of Clinical Psychiatry, 25(4), 289-296.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Psychoeducation Workshop for Your Child Emotional Well Being

【必学的潜意识暗示法 · 教你打开孩子的心扉】

Hypnosis Integrative Hub (HIH) @ LifeCare Diagnostic Medical Centre, 


欢迎有兴趣下一场讲座的你,Whatsapp我们“我要参加潜意识暗示法讲座”via 0167154419


Name              : Kent
Age                 : 45
Town              : Kuala Lumpur
Job title          : IT Specialist
Through the workshop, I’m able to understand how to help improve our children’s behavior through sleep-talking and positive wordings, as well as I get to understand the definition and importance of unconditional love.

Name              : Irene
Age                 : 41
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Accountant
Yes. This lesson helps me a lot, I get to know how to deal with our kids more deeply. Teacher Hiro taught us clearly and with details. The workshop is worthy with its reasonable price.

Name              : Kenneth
Age                 : 43
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Manager
Yes, absolutely. Attending this workshop make us understand the way to have a better communication, and understand from the very surface to the innermost aspect of a family, which can build up a better relationship with family, as well as with everyone.

Name              : Evalyn
Age                 : 41
Town              : Kuala Lumpur
Job title          : Educator
Yes. Hiro Koo is a humorous speaker. The explanation is clear and easy to understand. Very informative and effective method (sleep talk) had been taught.
Name              : Tay
Age                 : 41
Town              : Kluang, Johor
Job title          : Director
Yes. It is a mind blowing session. An innovative way and method for me to handle my son’s current condition.

Name              : David
Age                 : 20
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Daycare Teacher
Yes, because we can learn something we don’t know. I suggest to invite more people to come here.

Name              : Sara
Age                 : 45
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Daycare Principal
Yes, it helps me a lot with my emotional improvement. I get to know more about brain and physiological-related knowledge.

Name              : Andy
Age                 : 40
Town              : Cheras
Job title          : Chauffer
Yes, surely. I recommend it and will share to my friend around to get know more about this workshop.

Name              : Chia
Age                 : 29
Job title          : Housewife

Name              : Angel
Age                 : 39
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Account Manager

Name              : Alice
Age                 : 43
Town              : Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam
Job title          : Principal

Name              : Ong
Age                 : 41
Town              : Kluang, Johor