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[Testimonial] Child Anxiety Symptoms Treatment Malaysia - Low JS Case

Name: Low JS

Age: 4
Town: Seremban
Intervention: Sleep Talk Process, Clinical Neurofeedback, Nutritional Consultation

JS has developed the issue of anxiety, poor socializing and logical thinking skills before 4 years old. We decided to bring him for the neurofeedback training in order to tackle such issues. We are very pleased and happy about that JS’s condition has shown improvement throughout the training sessions. For an instance, JS has become calmer and his fear of loud noise such as thunderstorm was reduced significantly after participating for 30 sessions of neurofeedback training. Moreover, the diet control and the nutritional suggestions provided by the professional nutritional consultant in the centre also accounted for JS’s improvement throughout the therapy periods.

Nowadays, JS is capable to make friends and get along well with his peers. Besides, he has become more cheerful than before. Nonetheless, there is still space for the improvement on his social skills as well as his executive functioning capability. As for now, we are glad to see the improvement on JS’s condition and we do believe in the effectiveness of neurofeedback as well as nutritional control in treating the anxiety symptoms.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury in Malaysia - Ken Case (Clinical Neurofeedback Method)

Testimonial from Ken's Wife:

My hubby has TBI due to hypoxia, involuntary movement issue due to cardio arrest, and visual problem. These conditions cause him to experience loss of memory, have a foggy brain, and he is unable to read, write, work and see well. 

My hubby did hyperbaric oxygen therapy and occupational therapy, but the result is not obvious or significant. 

After 80 times of neurofeedback, he can read now, both short-term and long-term memory have improved, his involuntary movement issue is slightly improved, and he is able to write better than before, can do math and play piano as well. 

He is now more confident and, in the process to prepare himself to teach again. Also, it helps him to increase his energy. I found that neurofeedback is so valuable as it gives hope to my hubby to start his new life again. The staff here are very helpful, they assisted me in understanding every aspect of neurofeedback and make me feel confident of this method.

BEFORE Clinical Neurofeedback Treatment: The brain showed underarousal (red in circle area). It may lead to impaired executive functioning and overall brain functions problem. Red in color indicates that the underarousal problem is very obvious.

AFTER Clinical Neurofeedback Treatment: The brain has improved significantly (red in circle area). Now we can clearly see that there are few points show in orange color, and those areas actually represent his current main concern (involuntary moment etc). Thus, we can tailored made new training protocol to train the brain, likes a muscle.

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