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Friday, May 19, 2023


今天我受邀到8TV 八度空间的《活力加油站》分享催眠疗法如何预防和舒缓心理压力。在我看来,催眠疗法可以作为其中一项帮助预防全面发展成精神疾病的辅助疗法。这是因为通过处理心理社会因素和采用跨诊断方法(Transdiagnostic Approach),它能间接或直接的改善一个人的心理健康状况。要知道不是有精神疾病才需要帮助,适当的身心与压力管理也很重要。

除了分享我的催眠和脑波生物反馈技术,我还在上节目前咨询了几位精神卫生专员探讨如何更恰当的呈现采访内容,并希望通过节目提醒提供辅助疗法的专业人士,适时转介那些疑似面对严重精神疾病症状或出现轻生念头的个案给其他精神卫生专员,或者寻求精神科医生、临床心理师或辅导员的合作。Do no harm的原则真的非常重要。

Today I was invited to share on 8TV's "Living Delight" about how hypnotherapy can prevent and alleviate psychological stress.
In my opinion, hypnotherapy can help prevent full-blown mental illness or work as a complementary therapy alongside standard mental healthcare such as psychiatric treatment. This is because by addressing psychosocial factors and taking a transdiagnostic approach, it indirectly helps improve one's mental health condition.
Hypnotherapy is actually being taken seriously in our country, and our hypnotherapy field is currently undergoing recognition appraisal by the traditional and complementary medicine departments of the MOH. We hope for success and smoothness in these efforts, and for there to be a more complete national education system and government regulation for hypnotherapy in the future.
In addition to sharing my expertise in hypnotherapy and EEG biofeedback techniques, I also consulted with several mental health specialists before the show. Through this program, I hope to remind other professionals who offer complementary therapies to timely refer cases with suspected serious mental illness symptoms or suicidal ideation to other mental health specialists, or seek the collaboration of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists or counselors. The principle of "Do no harm" is truly essential.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

8TV 八度空间《活力加油站》- 临床催眠X脑电波反馈疗法

受邀到8TV的《活力加油站》探讨脑波反馈催眠疗法与QEEG Brain mapping等好处与用途。
希望让更多人了解Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Neurofeedback和brain mapping的益处。主持人总结道:“催眠好科学”。让我倍感安慰!
 On air today (8TV), It is my honor to be the guest speaker to promote awareness for clinical hypnotherapy, neurofeedback and QEEG brain mapping:)