Tuesday, February 18, 2020





Ms C, 37, Self-employed said: “Thanks for the useful information and knowledge.”

Mr D, 43, Hypnotherapist said: “Interesting learning and creative presentation of topics.”

Mr B, 23, Logistic said: “Feel relax and easy to learn relaxing myself.”

Ms R, 34, Self-employed said: “Willing to share with others.”

Ms A, 40, Engineer said: “Willing to share the feeling with others.”

Ms C, 28, Wellness couch said: “Great Experience, thank you!”

Ms L, 35, Banker said: “A short and interesting course, would like to find out more about myself.”

Mr A, 28, Trainer and coach said: “Understanding the power of subconscious, interesting activity to understand about myself.”th

Ms Y, 23, Student said: “I have learnt new knowledge from this workshop.”

Ms K, Healer said: “吸取了很多心理,催眠方面的知识。


* All participants have signed the group informed consent form and all testimonials were consented by the participants.

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