Thursday, September 17, 2020

[Case Study] Social Anxiety Symptoms Treatment Malaysia - SY Case


Name: SY

Job Title: Architect Assistant

Date: September, 2020


Before came for Clinical Hypnotherapy session, I always felt nervous and afraid when talk to a person or a group of friends. I often experienced the thought of other people trying to harm me, hence when talking to other people my voice became shaky and tend to talk less with others. Even when texting with my friends using social media like Whatapps and Instagram, my fingers tend to tremble with fear and afraid of sending messages to them. Besides that, I am very emotional and tends to become depressed or angry easily over small matters, even my younger brother who used to be close with me, commented that it is difficult to communicate with me and felt distant from me. I had been experiencing these issues for the past 4 years. During presentation in my college, I would experience palpitation and feel of vomiting when presenting to a crowd of people. 


After graduated on 2018 and started work, I unable to focus and perform well in my new work, when faced problems I tend to be emotional instead of looking for solution or consult my manager. However, after undergo Hypnotherapy session for only 2 months (3 sessions), I am able to talk well with my friends or any strangers and felt more confident than before. Furthermore, I am able to work efficient and rational and willing to find solution for problems encountered during work instead of being emotional about it. At the same time, my family would call me more often than usual and enjoy having a conversation with me. My sleep quality has improved tremendously and feels more energetic in performing my daily routines. I think Hypnotherapy is effective for me as it helps me to express my emotions in a clearer view and understand more about myself, even the small matters from the past that we overlook may affect us now and Hypnotherapy is useful in helping us face these matters that had been stored inside our unconscious thought. 


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