Friday, September 9, 2022

[Review] 创伤导向催眠治疗,改善自律神经失调反应 - Miss SY

Review from Miss SY:



我上网查询找到New Mind决定试试脑电波和催眠疗法。催眠不是什么魔法,是古老又先进的心理治疗或调节模式。最深刻的是老师引导我去寻找过去的自己,未治愈的自己。让我察觉到自己内在的声音需要被聆听,也学会安抚内在的小孩。在老师的引导下渐渐发现自己的抗压视窗变大了,懂得怎么管理情绪允许它们的流动,更懂得怎么正视内心的声音,拥抱内在的小孩,让他重新长大。表达能力也提升了,也学会设定边界,亲密关系的质量也大大提升。 感谢生命中发生的一切让我有机会来到New Mind遇见Dr Hiro 开始了有趣的自我探索之旅。大脑真的很神奇,每一堂课后都像是一次又一次的醒悟,对自己有了更深层的了解,不断提升心灵上的成长。这种成长是言语表达不出来也摸不着的东西。每个人都可以拥有属于自己的力量和温柔,只是需要被启发,找到真我,活出自我。

*The Tree-Drawing Test: Left as Before treatment (February) and Right as After treatment (September)。
Dr Hiro的话:

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Thursday, September 8, 2022

[Review] Dissociation Symptoms, Childhood Trauma and Relational Trauma Responses - Miss K

I had experienced numbness/decreased of touch sensory, unable to anticipate speed of car of differentiate directions (blur) on the road or cross road without any help, the first time after my PMR examination which lasted a month. Since then, I will have these experiences after very stressful event or when I don't get proper rest. For the past years, I had been visiting many clinics, hospitals, tried to get explanation on the above but all I get was it's the fault of diabetes (I'm a diabetic patient).

Due to certain incidents during childhood, I no longer have deep peaceful sleep. Slightest sound can even move me up. Even went through psychiatrist for help but the above still happens with conditions worsen until a doctor advised to approach clinical psychologist/psychiatrist. 

(Then eventually, the client found us, clinical hypnotherapy and neurofeedback practitioner)

For the first time, I able to get answers that I have been looking for so many years during the first assessment session. Since then, I started my therapy here. The very first brain training, I was able to have a goodnight sleep that night. However, both trainings results don't always maintain positive results as my brain trying to "fight back". As time goes by, slowly I realised that I no longer troubled by lots of thoughts and my sleep quality has very significant improvements. 

What surprised me the most is that there's a way to prove the impact of certain "injuries" and that it can be healed as well just like a visible wound which will leaves scars but not pain. Going thru the process of brain trainings and hypnotherapy, for me, it’s like cleaning a neglected wound. You will feel the “pain” during the “cleaning of the pus” for a few times then only the wound can “healed” healthy. 

I’m grateful and thankful that I have found New Mind Centre just in time when I needed it the most in my life and I can now able to lead my life normally with the knowledge and training that I have been thru. 

My sincere thanks to Dr. Hiro, Ms Tianni and all members of staffs during my session here. 

Remark: Our client's information will be kept strictly confidential all the time. All reviews and photos have been acknowledged and provided by past and current clients of Hiro Koo

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Certified Professional Hypnotist Training Course (Batch 2) Student's Feedback

 Certified Professional Hypnotist Training Course (Batch 2)毕业啦。




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