Friday, April 4, 2014

Easy weight loss: The 'virtual gastric band'

A woman lost a staggering 6.5 stone after being hypnotised into thinking she had been fitted with a gastric band.
Janice Rodgers, 46, tipped the scales at 17st 7lbs and became desperate to find a solution.
When she researched weight loss surgery online she stumbled upon a website about a ‘virtual band’- a treatment that hypnotises you into believing your stomach has shrunk in size.

When she came to after the first treatment she was in disbelief the hypnosis had worked but gradually began to lose weight, slimming down to a trim 11st in just seven months after the treatment made her physically unable to eat unhealthy foods.
She stopped eating junk food like crisps and fried chicken and embarked on a two week plan of just liquids and gradually introduced solid food over time.
Janice lost a staggering 12lbs in her first week and dropped from size 22 to size 12 in seven months thanks to the virtual gastric band.
She has since stuck to a diet of salads, fruit, healthy wholegrains and and lean, grilled meat and still listens to mp3 recordings of her sessions to keep her motivated.

Janice, a care worker from Manchester, said: 'I had been overweight for 23 years, since the birth of my son, and tried everything to lose weight.
'I signed up for weekly weight loss classes but any weight I lost I would just put straight back on.
'I started going to Zumba classes with two slim friends but by the end of each session I was gasping for air.
'I knew I needed to do something about it so I logged onto the computer and looked up gastric bands without telling anyone.
'I was shocked with the amount of websites I found, but among them was Andrew’s which mentioned a hypnotic band.
'After researching that I decided to book an appointment, the price was reasonable and I though I would just give it a go.
'I decided not to tell anyone because I felt like a fool but I was just so desperate to lose weight.
'When I first went I thought it would be a load of rubbish and I felt no different until I went home and tried to eat something but it felt like chewing carpet.
'I thought I had better look at the eating plan, which was just liquid for two weeks and then gradually worked up to solid food.
'After eating a lot over the years I didn’t think I could do it but I found it so easy and never felt hungry at all.
'The weight came off so fast and in my first week I dropped 12lbs. I still can’t believe I have reached a size 12 and I sometimes do pick up my old size in the shops.

'My partner, Steve Kirkham, is really proud of me.'
Andrew Nelson said: 'The virtual gastric mind band is made up of cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and mental preparation.
'The treatment begins with an initial discussion where I ask people to visualise themselves as they want to be and we talk about healthy eating.
'People eat for a variety of different reasons and once we have realised the cause I then put them under hypnosis and reaffirm what we have talked about.'

靠少吃跟多運動瘦身已經不是新鮮話題,現在英國出現了號稱用催眠的方法就可以讓人成功減重,聽起來不免讓人半信半疑,但英國的46歲婦人羅傑斯(Janice Rodgers)就是成功靠催眠療法,在7個月內甩掉40公斤肥肉。

根據英國《鏡報》(Mirror News)報導,羅傑斯自從23年前生下兒子之後,就胖到111公斤,雖然她也很想要減掉身上的贅肉,卻總是不得其門而入。過去也曾參加過減重班,並與朋 友一起參加「 Zumba 舞蹈」的課程,但她不是復胖過快,就是因體力無法負荷而半途而廢,難以成功瘦下來。

後來她轉而在網路上查詢以胃間隔手術來控制食量的減肥方式,卻意外發現「仿真胃間隔」療法(The virtual gastric mind band),這種由心理治療師為肥胖者做催眠,進而減少其食量的瘦身方法。羅傑斯在不敢告訴親友的情況下,花了270英鎊(台幣1.25萬元)參加此療 程,並在第一堂課後,就奇蹟似地使她不再喜愛高熱量的垃圾食物,甚至表示那些東西吃起來就像在嚼地毯。

經過1周的催眠療法後,羅傑斯就成功瘦下了5.4公斤,7個月後成功瘦下40公斤。心理治療師安德魯尼爾森(Andrew Nelson)表示,他此套催眠瘦身法是針對人的認知行為、神經語言編程和心理狀態去做調整,第一堂課都從想像自己瘦身成功的模樣,以及擁有健康飲食型態 的過程開始,逐步調整肥胖者的心理。


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