Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Negative thoughts

Question from our client: 
My friend always has negative thoughts, I have no idea what to do. Can you help him?
My answer: 
Yes! I can.
I will use biofeedback and clinical hypnotherapy to help him. 
Many studies have shown that your mood is positive when the left frontal area of your brain is more active than the right frontal area, and that your mood is poor when the right is more active than the left. Biofeedback and clinical hypnotherapy can change your thoughts and your brainwave! 
They are completely non-invasive as well as safe. 
Add-on service: I will teach the EFT or self hypnosis to my clients too! So they can cope with their problem quite well even I am not with them.
At my centre, Dato Dr and other therapists have been working closely together with me to help my clients. 
We really care about our clients and we won't label them.

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