Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Benefits of Getting More Alpha Waves

Want to overcome your anxiety and fears?
You're seeking for addiction treatment or pain management?
Then why don't you increase your alpha brain waves now?

Life can be hectic, and far too often people don't take the time to rejuvenate their minds. They are constantly forcing their brainwaves from the sleeping delta to the alert beta by artificial means, such as caffeine.  
The key to rejuvenate your mind is the alpha brainwave!

Alpha brain waves are considered relaxed brainwave activity, and they cycle at about 8-12 Hz. These brain waves are produced when the mind and body are completely relaxed and restful. They reduce stress and anxiety, improve the strength of the immune system, are conducive to super learning, and promote creativity and athletic performance.

Benefits of Alpha Waves
  • The brain's thought process begins to slow down and the mind is clear. 
  • A decrease in stress and worry.
  • Mind and body are in synch, anxiety and stress lessen. 
  • Improve mood swings, depression, and other emotional concerns.
  • Alpha brainwaves have been associated with positive thinking and an overall feeling of wellness. 
  • Increase positive thinking, while decreasing negative self-talk.
  • Improve a person's ability to absorb a large amount of information, which helps with learning and retention.
  • It helps to suppress irrelevant or distracting sensations and regulate the flow of sensory information between brain regions. 
  • Alpha brain waves opens the bridge to the subconscious mind where powerful changes can be made.

Scientific research

Researchers believe measurement of brain waves confirm Sigmund Freud’s contention that anxiety disorders such as phobias are the result of unconscious conflict. Read this:

Researchers also have now discovered that the unpleasant experience of throbbing pain — such as when you stub a toe — is actually connected to the pulsing rhythm of alpha brain waves, not artery pulsations, as previously thought. The finding could significantly change pain management therapies, Ahn said. Read this:

A Canadian study has found that training of a particular brainwave in humans can be used to restore brain function in mental disorders. Users learn to control their own brain activity with the help of a brain-computer interface. In the simplest case, this consists of a computer that records brainwaves through surface sensors on the scalp, known as an EEG (electroencephalogram) and it is completely noninvasive and safe. Researchers say a remodeling of the brain to a normal state is possible because of neuroplasticity, a natural property of the brain that enables it to reorganize after continual training. 

Alpha wave biofeedback was explored by some researchers, as a treatment adjunct for alcohol abuse (Passini, Watson, and Dehnel, 1977). There were two theoretical rationales: first, investigators had reported that EEGs of alcoholics were "deficient in alpha rhythms and alcohol use induced more alpha wave activity (Pollock, Volavka, Goodwin, et al., 1983). Clinicians speculated that alcoholics might drink less if they could be taught to produce more alpha waves (Jones & Holmes, 1976). Secondly, many alcoholics and other drug abusers reported using alcohol or other drugs to relax. Thus, biofeedback training was proposed as a way teach alcoholics an alternative to using alcohol to relax. Alpha training did not, however, appear to be of benefit to most alcohol abusers because they were unable to learn to increase their production of alpha waves.

Biofeedback (Neurotherapy) is an approach to treating psychological problems by working directly with brainwaves. Addiction is one of several problems that may be treated by neurotherapy, as are anxiety, depression, and attention and learning problems. For this reason, neurotherapy can be very effective when there is another related condition that requires treatment in addition to the addiction. While there is data to support some benefit for neurotherapy in certain conditions, it is still considered an alternative treatment. Neurotherapy can be used in conjunction with other therapies (Mr.Koo: Such as Clinical Hypnotherapy). This is important for overcoming addiction, because there are many factors -- genetics, brainwave imbalances, stress, social influences, and so on -– that both cause the addiction and keep it going. 

How to increase your alpha brain waves?

Mr.Koo: Alpha waves can be generated through clinical hypnotherapy and self hypnosis. I am trained in biofeedback technology and I can assist you to see your brainwave during your clinical hypnotherapy session! Right now, you can see your brainwaves in action. When you change the vibrations of your brain, you will change every aspect of your life. We provide unique, exclusive, customized services for you.


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