Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Success Story (Empathy - Improve Social Skills)

10 year old boy, does not want to socialize.

At the initial stage, the goal for therapy is to improve the brain function so that he can start to communicate with others. A teacher’s remark was given to his mother saying that he does not have any friend at school and not joining any activities organized in school. He also have poor concentration in study and does not know what is happening in his surroundings. Therefore, the aim of his mother is to make her son to be more outspoken, able to communicate and socialize with other people especially his classmates and also to bring out his personality and potentials.

She is very curious with Brain Trainer (EEG biofeedback) at Spectrum of Life because she have not heard of it as it is very new. It is also able to see the brain waves. 
After few sessions of brain trainer and neuro-hypnotherapy session, the biggest difference notice is that now her son is more alert and aware of what is happening in school such as the activities organized and starting to be involved in it. He is also able to socialize as now he has a best friend that he communicate and share some stories with. He performed well in his academics as his results are better compared to the time before the Brain Trainer. He is more able to focus and not being distracted easily when he is doing his studies or revision. Responsibility is also noted as he does not loses things easily, took care of things given to him and will do some revision on his own when he knows exams are approaching.
She also remark that HTMA (Hair tissue mineral analysis) is very accurate. She is able to know what minerals are lacking or overdosed in her son’s body. The information is very useful for her to plan her son’s diet and supplementation. With that results’ interpretation, she now understood why her son is behavioring in such way. Combined with the remedies given by our consultant, the end result is very positive and remarkable. Her son idolise, respect and comfortable with Hiro Koo, the clinical therapist for brain trainer as well as neuro-hypnotherapy. The centre is very nice, cozy and well deco too. She also appreciated the staffs as they are very nice and helpful every time she comes with her son for the session. She already started recommending to her friends, but waiting for them to see on their own the changes that her son has undergo to actually believe that the Brain Trainer and neuro-hypnotherapy works.

Remark: Our client's information will be kept strictly confidential all the time. All reviews have been acknowledged and provided by past and current clients of Spectrum of Life proactive healthcare centre (Clinical Hypnotherapist Koo). Clients names have been changed to protect their identity. 

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