Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Impact Journalism Day: Healing powers of hypnosis promoted by Swiss

In the large burns unit of the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) in Lausanne, Switzerland, hypnosis is used on a daily basis.
A study has shown that hypnosis reduces the time patients spend in intensive care and saves $26,000 a patient.

The hospital now wants to extend this insight into other departments.
"If hypnosis were a medication it would already be in all hospitals, but it is an approach, and thus it must overcome cultural barriers," says Pierre-Yves Rodondi, a doctor at the University Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the hospital.
"There are scientific studies, unfortunately ignored by a large part of the medical community, that demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnosis in pain management: it is a tool that should be integrated into treatment. It even works with those who are sceptical."
According to a scientific study carried out at the hospital and published in the journal Burns, hypnosis helps patients with severe burns to recover faster and cuts the cost of therapy.

The study found it reduces anxiety, the use of drugs, the overall need for anaesthetics and, on average, reduces the time spent by patients in intensive care by five days. The savings could be converted into more specialist hospital staff.
"It could be related to a lower level of stress, but this is just our hypothesis," explains Maryse Davadant, a nurse in the intensive care unit and a pioneer in the use of hypnosis at CHUV. 
"On average, we start the first session a few days after the patient is admitted, when he or she is no longer intubated and unable to concentrate.
"Then we teach them to do self-hypnosis: this is a tool that the patient will always have, and the analgesic effect lasts even after therapy.
"We have two nurses in the ICU who only do hypnosis.
"We offer it to everyone, some are aware of it and are interested, whereas others are more sceptical, but almost everyone tries it and is satisfied."


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