Saturday, December 10, 2016

Integrated Chinese Medicine and Mental Health Services in Malaysia 马来西亚中医与心理治疗综合疗法

Madam Low is currently attached to the largest integrative wellness centre in KL, Malaysia. She has acquired nearly 30 years of traditional chinese medicine as well as counseling (She worked as school counselor before) experience. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach is used alongside with my mental health services because:

1) Free, drugless and Safe: 
Traditional Chinese Medicine is really safe and no side effects. We believe in holistic and natural healing method.

2) Body and Mind Connection: 
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that our mental health status can be affected by our body state.This is similar to one of the psychology concepts which is psychosomatic issue. Psychosomatic issue revealed that your emotional states can really lead to physical symptoms, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) etc. Traditional Chinese Medicine able to address this psychosomatic issue by used alongside with my practices such as neuro-hypnotherapy,  EEG biofeedback training, psychotherapy, life coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) etc. We provide an explanation in a holistic view of the body and mind connection.

3) Listen: 
Madam Low initial consultation is really practicing the theory of basic counseling skill which is "listening". Not only listen to your problem but also listen to your whole body. Most of my patients enjoy her TCM practices as she is an empathetic practitioner. 

4) Focus on the Core Issue: 
Madam Low and I closely monitor and discuss patient's case history to find out the core issue of their problem. By addressing the core issue, we able to provide a long term solution but not a short term relief. We treat the whole person but not only symptoms.

5) Tailored Service: 
The integration of psychological hypnosis with acupuncture, Gua Sha (scraping sha-bruises), chinese herb and EEG biofeedback training is as an avenue for dealing with mental health related problem. Madam Low explained to me that TCM practice addresses the spiritual disharmonies to deal with mental health related issue. By combining our services, we found it works for many patients.

Maybe some of you might skeptical about whether it is research proven method. 
According to an article in the Psychology Today, the Author Leana Wen M.D. mentioned:
Research important? Of course. But research is done on populations, and the TCM treatment is of individuals. It has taken me a while to accept that I may not always be able to explain why—but that the care should be for the individual patient, not a population of patients.


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