Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lose weight with Hiro Koo, Hypnotherapy in KL Malaysia

Please read the article below: 

Successful behavior change in obesity interventions in adults: a systematic review of self-regulation mediators. 
This is the first systematic review of mediational psychological mechanisms of successful outcomes in obesity-related lifestyle change interventions. Despite limited evidence, higher autonomous motivation, self-efficacy, and self-regulation skills emerged as the best predictors of beneficial weight and physical activity outcomes; for weight control, positive body image and flexible eating restraint may additionally improve outcomes. These variables represent possible targets for future lifestyle interventions in overweight/obese populations. 

Our Neuro-hypnotherapy & Hypno-Band Service aligns with the statement above. 
Our therapy will enable you to: 
1) Improving your motivation level 
2) Better self-efficacy & self-regulation skills 
3) Reprogramming your subconscious mind to achieve your ideal body image 
4) Flexible eating restraint 
Thus, we ensure you a long term result instead of short term result. 

科学家综合并检测了1404个瘦身研究成果报告后的结论是:发自内心的动力,自主自愿和自控能力的提升才是瘦身最有效方法。想要长久的瘦身效果则不能忽略维持良好饮食习惯与外在形象的重要性。或许你尝试了许多瘦身产品与法则,然而显而易见的瘦身秘诀绝对是你“潜意识”之心态。 相关科学研究:

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