Thursday, January 19, 2017

AHPM Executive Committee 2016

Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM). Guiding the hypnotherapy industry towards professionalism and acceptance by the government of Malaysia and Malaysians.
Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing tool that had been stigmatized for too long depriving the public of a valuable and effective treatment modality. AHPM's goals are to dispel the myths and create greater awareness about the possibilities of the mind to heal the body.
The Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM) is registered under the Registrar of Companies, Malaysia (Registration No: 0778-11-WKL) on the 21 February 2011. AHPM is a member of The Federation of Complementary and Natural Medical Associations, Malaysia (FCNMAM). FCNMAM is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysia.

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