Monday, February 27, 2017

World Hypnotism Day 2017 which organized by AHPM

The Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia (AHPM) had organized the World Hypnotism Day event on the 4th January 2017. There are many myths about hypnosis - learn the truth! Hypnotherapy is the practice of promoting positive development and healing. 

Hypnotism is a complex subject, one that has the distinction of being primarily associated with two very distinct demographics: stage magicians and psychologists. Yes, they’re very distinct groups that use hypnotism in vastly different manners. Hypnotism itself is a technique through which one can access the subconscious mind. This has led to a popular, fearful perception about hypnosis and how the hypnotist can possess some power over the person. That is not actually how hypnotism works. What it can do is help people solve problems in their lives, achieve goals, and overcome fears. It can also help in ending addictions. Some research shows that you can successfully quit smoking through hypnosis, though this is less about ending nicotine addiction than it is addressing all of the subconscious issues and hangups that one might have with quitting. You may think of hypnosis as the stuff of magic shows, with anyone under hypnosis being under the power of the hypnotist, but that’s not true. On a side note, World Hypnotism Day exists for people to learn more about hypnotism and all of the positive things that it can achieve.


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