Wednesday, March 13, 2019

[Review] Dysautonomia Treatment in Malaysia - R.T Case

Client Name: R.T

Before starting my hypnotherapy session with Hiro, I was emotionally unstable like a time bomb that can go off anytime. I have all the symptoms of dysautonomia that Hiro showed us on a slide in a workshop.

Dysautonomia (or autonomic dysfunction) is a condition in which the autonomic nervous system (ANS) does not work properly.. My Stress Anxiety and Depression(DASS) test score was all in the SEVERE category.  I am tired all the time and no amount of sleep and nap seems to help.This has severely affected my work and family life, which both were very dear to me.

My whole family was in the wellness business but TCM , organic foods and nutrition supplements did not helped much. I started my self-help/ spiritual journey around the age 18(i'm now 35), but none of the things I learned in the past seems to help, instead they worked as a weapon as a high(almost impossible to meet) standard to judge against myself.

After struggling for about 2 months, my family members finally suggested that I seek for external help, just like a doctor cannot do operation on himself, maybe I too, have reached a point where self-helping doesn't work anymore.

Hiro created a safe environment which I was able to start sharing my situation without feeling judged and criticised. This helped tremendously because I felt like finally being understood, and that there are others that has gone through similar paths that I have, I'm not alone and I have hope to recover.

Everything I received in the sessions was personalized and customized to meet the person that I am at the moment, never did I felt I was pushed too hard or being offered something that I don't actually need. Hiro really does have a deep understanding of my situation, and has multiple ways to handle things that came up in the sessions.

I was noticing significant improved sleep quality after the 2nd week of my session. Which lead to improved emotional stability. My family members seemed to be more at ease around me instead of fearing that I would burst anytime like a bomb. Things just kept getting better and better after each session. I was getting less and less triggered by events that used to make my goes BOOOM. Every session there was something deeper that was being discovered and dealt with, each session was purposeful and meaningful, and I received clear concise action plan that I can work on before the next session. Never did I felt that time or energy was wasted during the whole 2~3 months working with Hiro and his team of well trained staff.

Today I am about 80~90% free of all the symptoms that I have prior to working with Hiro. I feel so lucky and grateful to have found Hiro and hypnotherapy, many people that did not make it in their journey and took their own life, and many more that are still struggling with guilt,grief,pain and hopelessness. Without the support of Hiro and his team, my recovery could take probably 2 years to a lifetime instead of 2~3 months.
Recovery can be speedy when we find the tools that works, Hiro and his team certainly knows how to make them not only work, but work on a personal and customized way for people like us.

I hope that my story can give you some courage and motivation to seek help from a trusted professional(such as Hiro).

Remark: Our client's information will be kept strictly confidential all the time. All reviews and photos have been acknowledged and provided by past and current clients of Hiro Koo.

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