Monday, June 1, 2020

New Mind Approach for Brain Health Coaching

Table 1.1

Client always curious why there is a need to do initial screening session at the New Mind Centre?
The reason is simple, it is because we would like to set up a solution focused treatment plan by discussing with you.
We are not just simply "fixing" the problem, but more about "empowering" you with the right technique and coping skill.
Also, we would like to understand your brain arousal level better too.

Once we know how's your unconscious mind works, it is much easier for us to design the tailored made treatment plan according to your brain arousal pattern. Definitely, a full brain mapping session will be extremely helpful for a more better treatment plan design.
Once we know how your brain function works, we will suggest various methods based on your arousal level. You can refer to table 1.1, it is just an example about how we can use various evidence based therapies to improve your brain health. Bear in mind, the actual techniques can be more complex than what you read here. For example, Cognitive Behavioursal Hypnotherapy that we practice here in Malaysia also includes habit reversal therapy model, thought stopping, various types of ABC model etc. 

We have a team of practitioners including clinical neurofeedback practitioner, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, hypnotherapist,  and nutritional consultant. We works closely with psychiatrist or neuropsychiatrist too. 

Interested to start your brain health coaching journey?
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