Thursday, September 3, 2020

[Review] SleepTalk for Children's behavioural and emotional management | Malaysia - CZ


Name: CZ

Age: 30

Town: Klang

Job Title: Beautician

Before came to New Mind, my son used to be hyperactive and unable to sit still, hence I always arranged many kinds of activities at home and at school to keep him company and made him felt tired in order to help him have a better sleep at night. He also experienced slow learning progress at school, lazy to do homework, and unwilling to share anything with me. He often throwing tantrums at home and fought with his little brother as he felt jealous that everyone treated his younger brother with more care and love. After one month of practicing Sleep Talk with him, I noticed that there a lot of improvements demonstrated from my son. He does not behave hyperactive anymore and his teachers also commented that his learning and grades improve a lot over a month. Even without any activities from home and school, he is able to sleep early now by himself. Furthermore, he is willing to share his feelings and events at school with me, care and love more for his younger brother and their relationship became closer. I would recommend the Sleep Talk to others, even though it takes a lot of effort in practising it every day, as it helps every child to become better in terms of behaviours, thought and emotion and the effort of practice Sleep Talk really worth it.


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