Sunday, May 9, 2021

[Client Review] Training for slow learner in KL (Slow Learning in Children)



AGE: 44

TOWN: Kuala Lumpur

JOB TITLE: Housewife



My daughter, 9, who is superb slow in action, reaction, speaking and learning (since born) getting much improved after 7 months of Brain Training (neurofeedback) and SSP Training. 

Right now she is much more responsive, talk-active, perceptual awareness, stronger mind, more lively and cheerful as a normal child. Surprisingly, she also able to read and write more quickly.

Thank you very much, especially to JM, TN and others in NEW MIND that help and encourage my daughter during this journey, she is not alone! Much appreciated!


*Beside SSP and Neurofeedback training, Madam AY also learned sleep talk technique and practicing it in daily basic on the child



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