Friday, July 23, 2021

[Client Review] Depression and Anxiety Intervention in Malaysia - Client SF


在New Mind 接受了一年的催眠治疗还有脑电波回馈治疗。这里的治疗师都很专业和礼貌。感谢Hiro, Jun Ming, Suki。认识New Mind的治疗师们后,我才发现我的忧郁症和焦虑症的源头来自于我的心理创伤。曾经发生的事情原来不能像电脑系统那样一键删除。即使开启了遗忘模式强逼自己放下那些不开心的事情,最终,身、心也不曾忘记。来到这里,我才察觉到这些在我成长过程中经历的重大事件已默默、深深影响了我的生活。除了药物治疗,我也接受心理治疗。我必须承认两者需要一起进行才能获得更好的效果。我相信每个人都有自己的故事,只是不是每个人都想提起。那些不愉快的事情,我们终究要接受才能让自己的情绪有个出口。走出沮丧这个阶段,也许就找到了内心的平静也没有必要一直把自己困在悲伤里长期饱受心灵上的痛苦与折磨。创伤它虽然给我们带来伤害但,也可以不专注与创伤这个污点,我们能更多的专注于生活的各种细节。结束在New Mind的治疗,我希望自己能够坦然面对以后面遇到的困难。祝福New Mind 的成员。谢谢你们。

I received hypnotherapy and brain training for a year at New Mind. The therapists here are professional and friendly. A big thanks to Hiro, Jun Ming, Suki. Before I met the therapists at New Mind, I discovered that I was suffering from depression and anxiety. Things that have happened can’t be deleted with one click like a computer system. Here, I discovered that these events that I experienced during my growth process have profoundly affected my life. In addition to medication, I also received psychotherapy. Trauma can hurt us at the same time, we can also not focus on the taint of trauma. We can focus more on various details of life. After my treatment at New Mind, I hope I can face the difficulties in the future calmly. Best wishes to the members of New Mind. thank you all.


Remark: Our client's information will be kept strictly confidential all the time. All reviews and photos have been acknowledged and provided by past and current clients of Hiro Koo

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