Friday, August 20, 2021

MICP Senior Accredited Member - Psychotherapist





Our Clinical Director is a registered psychotherapist with the International Council of Psychotherapists (#361846). He is also the Senior Accredited Member of MICP (With more than 9 years clinical experience, training and supervisions)



The National Council of Psychotherapists is well positioned to enable and support practitioners in this developing and ever increasingly well evidenced field, in a manner underpinned with an ethos of robust public protection and self-reflection at all levels. 

We were  formed in 1971, which makes it one of the longest established societies of its type in the UK. We are a register of and national association of therapists, to whom individuals looking for Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches and Hypnotherapists may confidently refer.

The NCP is dedicated to advancing the development of quality, service driven integrative and Multimodal Psychotherapy provision. This is illustrated by working models at solution focused, holistic and specialist levels of professional therapy service and is characterised by evidence based yet holistic working practices. 

Most schools of psychological thought are represented within our current membership and a wide variety of therapeutic approaches are offered. We do not legislate against any model of therapy, providing the practitioner comes under the classification of psychotherapist and  is suitably qualified to our standards.


 All of NCP registered practitioners are qualified at minimum UK Level 5 or are working towards completing that level, equivalent to a UK foundation Degree or HND (widely considered the appropriate level for professional practice). Many also hold undergraduate or post graduate qualifications. All practitioners adhere to strict and enforced codes of ethics and practice and are required to hold comprehensive insurance and adhere to clinical supervision and high quality Continuous Professional Development.


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