Monday, September 13, 2021

Passed for my PhD Oral Exam


Finally pass my PhD VIVA VOCE, the oral exam after working on it for 4 years. My PhD research topic is related with clinical hypnosis, expressive art therapy, neurofeedback, adhrence, and anxiety issue.

Now I just have to work on correction for final submission, and then hopefully can attend convo next year in person at the University Utara Malaysia (UUM)🙏🏻
I am honored to have my thesis evaluated by key experts in mental health field. 
Thanks to both examiners for all constructive feedback.
Special thanks to
External Examinar :
Associate Prof. Dr Wan Marzuki Wan Jaafar (UPM),
President Malaysian Board of Counsellor.
Internal Examiner :
Dr Muazzam Mohammad (UUM).
Thanks to the Chairman, Dean representative, and also the admin team of UUM. 
Thanks to my Phd supervisor Dr Azzy Azizah, UUM senior lecturer and associate professor soon to be, who helps me so much in my Phd journey. I am so grateful for everything and empowerment that you have provided. Word can’t describe how grateful am I 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Thanks to all my clients, friends, family members and loved one. You know who you are:)
I will keep contribute to the psychological therapy field, especially on the modalities that dealing with unconscious processes. And yes, it is not an end of the journey 🙏🏻😇🎉🎉🎉🎉
我的博士研究是有关焦虑、亚健康精神状态、脑波反馈疗法、催眠疗法和表达艺术治疗。我读博的愿景是希望可以推广潜意识与创伤导向心理调整技术和亚健康精神状态的疗愈(Subclinical Mental Health Care)。
四年前参加督导的一个表达艺术治疗工作坊,督导和我一见如故,就盛情邀请我跟她读博,让我可以研究催眠、表达艺术治疗和脑波反馈疗法。在这四年博士生涯中,她教会了我很多,也从来不放弃我,一直循循善诱我如何把做人的德行和论文做好。四年博士生涯即将告一段落,对我来说最有价值的并不是Dr Koo这个title,而是在读博的历程中,我了解到了如何更好的做人、如何更好的接纳自己、做好自己的角色。同时,我又可以将潜意识导向学术推广出去。
谢谢北大UUM,谢谢内在潜意识里的那个受伤了但永不放弃的Ah Yong,谢谢我的次人格保护者Hiro,谢谢你给我强大的力量,谢谢爱的家人朋友同学们给我的爱和信任。也谢谢我的个案,你们大家给的鼓励很可贵。谢谢你们成就了我Hiro这个角色。

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