Tuesday, July 2, 2024

UTM SPACE认证专业应用催眠证书班获好评及新班开课通知

收到了一些UTM SPACE认证Professional Certificate in Applied Hypnosis专业应用催眠证书班同学的好评肯定,也从大家的字里行间看到了个人的提升与收获。确实,虽然许多同学带着学习催眠技术的心来上课,但是他们在这个学习过程中,渐渐领悟到,原来在帮助他人前,梳理了自己潜意识内在的声音,更了解自己内在的各个部分是非常有帮助的。
就像Inside Out电影带出的重点,所有的情绪都可以被看见与接纳时,我们将越来越能选择自己心底想要成为的模样。



周末将会开办新一届的UTM SPACE认证专业应用催眠证书班。毕业后也能获得美国ICBCH催眠师Professional Hypnotist认证哦!


Course info: https://www.brainhealthspecialist.com/certified-professional-hypnotist-training-mandarin.html

Received positive feedback from students of the UTM SPACE certified Professional Certificate in Applied Hypnosis course. Through their words, it's evident that they have experienced personal growth and benefits. Indeed, while many students joined with the aim of learning hypnosis techniques, they gradually realized the importance of understanding their inner subconscious voices, which significantly aids in self-awareness before helping others.

Similar to the key message in the movie Inside Out, when all emotions are seen and accepted, we become better at choosing the person we want to be.

The feedback scores for this graduation session have remained high, indicating that my teaching methods have met the expectations of most students. I will continue to strive for even better teaching quality!

For those continuing with the Trauma-Informed Practitioner Diploma course, see you in January next year! Take good care of yourselves!

A new session of the UTM SPACE certified Professional Certificate in Applied Hypnosis course will commence this weekend. Graduates will also be eligible for the Professional Hypnotist certification from the ICBCH USA!

If you're interested in last-minute registration, feel free to DM us!

Course info: https://www.brainhealthspecialist.com/certified-professional-hypnotist-training-mandarin.html

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