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[Review] 马来西亚创伤导向催眠治疗改善情绪与脑雾问题Emotional and Brain Fog Treatment Malaysia - F Case


As far as my memory recalls, at the age of 7 I was exposed to family violence, verbal abuse, emotional and physical neglects. Growing up very unhappy, filled with anger, frustrations, emotional turmoil, lack of confidence, low self esteem and rebel. When I was 18, I have suspected myself on the road to bipolar and depression but it did not affect my academic performance thus I went on to University studies, got into relationship and started working after graduate.

In the third year of my working life one day there is a snapping sound in the brain, and I started to have blank memories, difficulty to recall daily task, foggy mind, nausea, it affects my daily functioning of talking, thinking, recalling could not function normal at work, and almost lose the ability of self-management. At the same time my beloved grandpa passed on and the break of a 7-year romantic relationship got me into a total breakdown.

I am emotionally unstable, either crying, mood down, agitated or scolding. Little hiccups/small issue can trigger my anger.

At that moment, I also have symptoms of confusion, unable to recall things where is my keys? Where did I park my car? What was the conversation 1 min ago? I can only function with the help of mobile phone by referring to recorded communication on whatsapp, email and sms.

I think very slowly, slow to react and slow in giving responses to external stimulation. Feeling drowsy day and night, I only want to sleep and have no interest in daily activities including hobbies. No urge to explore new areas, meet new people and learn new skills.

This condition have lasted for a year and when I started a new job it was very hard to focus, my mind is always pull to elsewhere, there are voices in the head asking to jump off from the building. One day my colleague introduces Hiro Koo from Brain Health Centre. He is a certified psychotherapist with effective track records and continuous learning, last meeting with Hiro he is in the progress of PHD studies. That was April 2021. I started with brainwave scan to get an overview of my brain condition and continue with 6 sessions with Hiro Koo. On the first and second sessions my emotions got stabilized, without crying and scolding but my mind still in a floating state. Third sessions onwards the mind began to be intact for once and the brain mind slowly back in 1 piece and Hiro has taught on many coping skills and important techniques to protect the healthy state of mind. Setting up personal boundaries, nothing bad to ask for help just to mention few techniques among the many Hiro has taught on.


Last session on 20 Aug 2021, I have achieved 80% of clearing childhood trauma, hurts and 50% recovery on memory, brain functioning, 50% of happiness and counting on. The road to recovery was a blend of religious faith, physical exercise, sufficient Vitamin supplements and very important that Hiro’s consultation is a boost on top of all these. His set of therapy session gives a clear direction, is effective and result- oriented. In the short period of 4 months I am able to have fast recovery on cognitive functioning, stable emotions, better focus, increased confidence level, healthier self esteem plus point with new skills and techniques on interpersonal / romantic relationships and communication. His consultation was reasonable priced and it was a good investment on self. Should I not meet Hiro, I would have even lost my current job!

Big thank you to Hiro and team, his other consultants are professional and informative, admin staff are warm and friendly. Hiro is also a good choice to working professional who are facing daily work stress and relationship difficulty. Highly recommended and SAFE! Take Care and continue your passion.



Remark: Our client's information will be kept strictly confidential all the time. All reviews and photos have been acknowledged and provided by past and current clients of Hiro Koo

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