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Friday, October 7, 2022

A great news for hypnotherapist Malaysia

A good news to share!
Today, the AHPM secretary and I represent the (Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia) AHPM committee and attended a meeting along with 5 other representatives from other hypnotherapy-related NGOs. After an hour of discussion, the practice of Hypnotherapy has been APPROVED (simple majority) to be assessed as a field of practice that will be recognized under the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act (PT&K) 2016 [Act 775].
After more than 10 years of efforts from the AHPM's past and current committees, now we finally will proceed to 4 phrases of the assessment process in order to recognize hypnotherapy under the Traditional and Complementary Medicine, Ministry of Health (MOH)! We were told it may take another 1-3 years approximately to get official recognition. I am really excited about it! Attached with the wonderful slides which are created by MOH T&CM division.