Friday, March 28, 2014

Success Story (Insomnia - Mdm Wong)

Success Story (Insomnia - Mdm Wong)

I have been having insomnia for the past few months. It is usually triggered by an involuntary jerk during sleep. I do not know the cause of its occurrence, hence underwent MRI and EEG Scanning.

The result from the MRI scanning showed that I had been suffering from slip disc. However that cannot be the cause of my insomnia issue. On the other hand, the EEG scan revealed that I have some unusual spikes near my temporal lobe area.

Upon the release of the result, I decided to try the TCM method. Therefore I signed up for Acupuncture and took on some Chinese medication as well. I also tried physiotherapy; Ultrasound.
I also went to Singapore for further consultation and the doctor revealed that I had neuralgia issue.

Therefore, he recommended me to do laser therapy to stabilize my nerve.  However, I decided not to undergo this process as I was worried about the side-effect that it may cause and the cost was ranging to about RM 20,000.00

Finally my husband convinced me to give a try on Clinical Hypnotherapy. I think it’s not a harm to try and my husband told me that the clinical hypnotherapy that he found was through a website and he choose this therapy because it is convincing, professional and it gives him a sense of confidence.

Although the location was in Kuala Lumpur and we stay in Johor, we didn’t mind to travel weekly for the session since there was a need. The uniqueness about these therapy session was that they actually combine brain trainer with clinical hypnotherapy to deal with my issue. Surprisingly, just after 6 session, my family member and I saw the significant changes in me.

My husband also told me that I became more stable emotionally. No more depression and anxiety. And my behaviour became normal again.

From my personal view, I also found that I became more stable emotionally and had less negative thought. In addition, I also realize that I became more positive now. I am no longer afraid to sleep anymore. This is a significant improvement to me because I can finally experience good sleep again. I have also learnt how to relax and remain calm at night. I managed to do so because the Clinical Hypnotherapist also taught me ‘How to cope with stress, anxiety, and fear by using effective relaxation technique.’

Now, my next goal is to deepen my sleep quality. I will continue to use clinical hypnotherapy, brain trainer and Serumi Ion service to enhance my sleep quality.

By Madam Wong


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