Saturday, June 27, 2015

[Review] Insomnia - Pharmacist Miss T

For past few years, the lack of sleep was ruining my life!
Thus, I really hope that I can fall asleep easily by practicing personalized self hypnosis method. 
After finished 3 sessions of Neuro-hypnotherapy, I feel more stable and calm without medication involved. 
Now I am less worried about my sleep problem.
The environment is very comfortable and I feel happier after talking to Clinical Hypnotherapist Hiro Koo as he makes me feel more confident at work and daily life. 
The most significant change that I have noticed is I able to calm down myself, manage my mood state and reduce my stomach discomfort. Neuro-hypnotherapy does help me a lot. Overall I would say that everything is very good.

- Pharmacist Miss T

Miss T reports that she feels a sense of improvement after 25th April 2015. She reports that she able to relax by practicing the personalized self-hypnosis and emotional freedom technique. Now she feels no more fear of losing control or worry about worst things will be happened on her. Also, she feels her stomach discomfort problem becomes less noticeable and it didn’t bother her much. The terrified, afraid and nervous feelings have also significantly reduced after first and second therapy sessions.
At work, she feels no more irritable and less restless than usual. Her energy level has increased and she found that her appetite is somewhat greater than usual. Now She feels that her concentration ability has improved.
Regarding her quality and patterns of sleep, she is usually gone to bed at 10pm. Although she still sleep around 6 hours every day, but she reports that her quality of sleep has improved. She able to fall asleep easier than usual. 

Remark: Our client's information will be kept strictly confidential all the time. All reviews have been acknowledged and provided by past and current clients of Spectrum of Life proactive healthcare centre (Clinical Hypnotherapist Hiro Koo) and all pictures displayed is for illustration purpose only. Clients names have been changed to protect their identity. 

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