Sunday, October 25, 2015

[Corporate Health Talk on Stress Management] Group Hypnotherapy Session at Lonpac Insurance Bhd

 Group hypnotherapy session to relieve stress
Yes, you can train your brainwaves like a muscle!
"Ubah frekuensi gelombang otak" by using neuro-hypnotherapy training method.
I mentioned about this concept in newspaper before.

                       Chinese Physician was sharing how to use therapeutic massage to reduce stress.

 Naturopath was sharing how to reduce stress by using the concept of nutritional therapy.
She shared similar nutritional therapy tips on 8TV program too.

Health Talk conducted in English at Lonpac Insurance Bhd.

Health Talk Topic:
Stress Management tips from Clinical Hypnotherapist, Chinese Physician and Naturopath.

Esther Peh, President of Naturopathic Medical Association Malaysia 
Hiro Koo, Clinical Hypnotherapist 
 Madam Low, Chinese Physician

Group Activities:
1) Group hypnotherapy session 
2) Therapeutic massage DIY session
3) DIY juice therapy
4) Brain assessment for understanding your stress, focus and attention abilities

Contact us if you are interested. 

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