Sunday, February 4, 2018

Expert Panel for the Tourette Syndrome Awareness Movement in Malaysia

It is my honour to be one of the Tourette Syndrome (TS) expert panels together with renowned psychiatrist Ass. Prof Dr Amer at the Astro Ria PM live today. I am glad to promote the Tourette Syndrome awareness with other specialists and hope more will come. It is indeed an exciting experience to share about the concept of clinical hypnotherapy, EEG biofeedback and psychotherapy method in managing the TS symptoms.
今天和马大精神科权威Dr Amer一起以妥瑞症治疗专家身份一起上Astro Ria分享了妥瑞症Tourette Syndrome的点点滴滴。主要是推广社会对这领域的认识与包容接纳。也让更多人了解妥瑞症的治疗方法。希望可以有更多机会去推广给更多人士与减低鄙视误会的问题。

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