Monday, March 12, 2018

Panic Attack Treatment Malaysia

Hiro Koo:
From my clinical work, I notice that most of my clients who suffer from autonomic nervous dysfunction symptoms such as panic attack or Irritable bowel syndrome tend to experience self-induced (hypnotic) trance states. Most of them show a certain type of brainwaves activity and they can be triggered and activated the fear response easily.

Dissociation is also known as a 'self-induced (hypnotic) trance states' or 'altered states of consciousness'. The sensations of dissociation are many and varied. They can easily experience the following dissociative sensations:

  • Sensitivity to light and sound 
  • Tunnel vision 
  • Feeling as if your body has expanded so that it feels larger than normal 
  • Feeling as if your body has shrunk to minute proportions 
  • Stationary objects may appear to move 
  • Driving a car and suddenly realise you don't remember what has happened during all or part of the trip 
  • Listening to someone talk and realise you did not hear part or all of what was said 
  • Sometimes sit staring off into space, and not being aware of the passage of time
People who do dissociate have had this ability since childhood, although many people have forgotten they were able to do this as children. This ability can be activated once again as an adult as a result of a major stress and/or not eating or sleep properly. 
For example, People who have panic disorder are not aware of how they can 'trance out' so easily, and they can then panic when they move into an altered state. 
Some people with panic disorder are frightened of their ability to dissociate, other people are not. One of the easiest way people can induce a trance state is when they are relaxed and/or when they are staring : out of the window, driving, watching TV, reading a book, using the computer, when talking with someone. Fluorescent lights can trigger a trance state, so too can self-absorption. The more absorbed we become, the more we can induce a trance state. 

Hiro Koo:
I notice that 'self-induced (hypnotic) trance states' happens to most to the clients who suffered from the symptoms of the autonomic nervous dysfunction. Thus, clinical hypnotherapy can help you to utilize your trance state in a proper and positive way. By doing clinical neurofeedback, it can help you to feel more in control as well.


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