Sunday, May 20, 2018

Psychoeducation Workshop for Your Child Emotional Well Being

【必学的潜意识暗示法 · 教你打开孩子的心扉】

Hypnosis Integrative Hub (HIH) @ LifeCare Diagnostic Medical Centre, 


欢迎有兴趣下一场讲座的你,Whatsapp我们“我要参加潜意识暗示法讲座”via 0167154419


Name              : Kent
Age                 : 45
Town              : Kuala Lumpur
Job title          : IT Specialist
Through the workshop, I’m able to understand how to help improve our children’s behavior through sleep-talking and positive wordings, as well as I get to understand the definition and importance of unconditional love.

Name              : Irene
Age                 : 41
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Accountant
Yes. This lesson helps me a lot, I get to know how to deal with our kids more deeply. Teacher Hiro taught us clearly and with details. The workshop is worthy with its reasonable price.

Name              : Kenneth
Age                 : 43
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Manager
Yes, absolutely. Attending this workshop make us understand the way to have a better communication, and understand from the very surface to the innermost aspect of a family, which can build up a better relationship with family, as well as with everyone.

Name              : Evalyn
Age                 : 41
Town              : Kuala Lumpur
Job title          : Educator
Yes. Hiro Koo is a humorous speaker. The explanation is clear and easy to understand. Very informative and effective method (sleep talk) had been taught.
Name              : Tay
Age                 : 41
Town              : Kluang, Johor
Job title          : Director
Yes. It is a mind blowing session. An innovative way and method for me to handle my son’s current condition.

Name              : David
Age                 : 20
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Daycare Teacher
Yes, because we can learn something we don’t know. I suggest to invite more people to come here.

Name              : Sara
Age                 : 45
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Daycare Principal
Yes, it helps me a lot with my emotional improvement. I get to know more about brain and physiological-related knowledge.

Name              : Andy
Age                 : 40
Town              : Cheras
Job title          : Chauffer
Yes, surely. I recommend it and will share to my friend around to get know more about this workshop.

Name              : Chia
Age                 : 29
Job title          : Housewife

Name              : Angel
Age                 : 39
Town              : Puchong
Job title          : Account Manager

Name              : Alice
Age                 : 43
Town              : Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam
Job title          : Principal

Name              : Ong
Age                 : 41
Town              : Kluang, Johor

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