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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

[Industry Guest Lecturer] A Heartfelt Appreciation: My Experience as an Industry Guest Lecturer at Universiti Tenaga Nasional


Being invited to share my industry experience at Universiti Tenaga Nasional was an immense honor, and I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity. On August 14, 2023, I had the privilege of addressing the students of Introduction to Social Psychology (SPYB113), and I must say it was a truly enriching experience. Interacting with the bright and enthusiastic students was incredibly rewarding. Their thirst for knowledge and their eagerness to learn was evident throughout the lecture. It's heartening to see such a passionate generation ready to tackle the challenges of the future. I aimed to provide a unique perspective on the industry's challenges and opportunities, and I'm delighted that my insights resonated with the students. Education is not just about textbooks; it's also about real-world experiences and practical wisdom, and I hope that my lecture contributed to their holistic understanding of social psychology.

I'm inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of both the students and the faculty at Universiti Tenaga Nasional. I hope to continue inspiring and educating the youth with my knowledge and experience, and I look forward to the possibility of future collaborations. Once again, thank you for this incredible opportunity, and I'm excited to see the bright futures that await these students.

Sunday, August 27, 2023










Wednesday, August 25, 2021

[Event] Sleep Management Workshop for Great Eastern on 25 August 2021


              A virtual sleep management workshop was organized for Great Eastern Malaysia employee.

Interested to attend our workshop in order to improve the productivity at work?
Feel free to contact us for more info.


Monday, April 26, 2021

[Event] The New Me in 2021: ′′ Coping With My Anxiety and Panic " organized by UPSI Counseling Center




Do You Have Anxiety? What Is Anxiety? Want to know more? Then, SAVE THE DATE!!!!
Ramadhan greetings everyone 🤩
Counseling Center to host a You In Mind Program series 3: The New Me in 2021: ′′ Coping With My Anxiety and Panic ".
This program will provide exposure to Anxiety and how to control and overcome it. Program information is as follows:
Speaker: Mr. Koo Kian Yong (Hiro Koo)
Moderator: Dr Pau Kee
Via: FB Live Counseling Center.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

[Event] Creative Coaching Workshop for Miss Astro 2019

I was invited to conduct a creative coaching workshop to unleash the inner beauty of the Miss Astro 2019 Contestants. 
I am proud to be their mentor for this event.
The content of the workshop involved using creative coaching tools to bring out their best.

According to the Europen Graduate School, the Artwork itself is central to how the Coaching unfolds to find solutions, gain insight, widen perspectives and learn. This is called having an "art-analogue" attitude. With this expression we describe a basic attitude where the evolving (Art)process itself is leading the next step. In this attitude both, coach and client, serve the Art process in such a way that anything happening is taken as a guidance and opportunity and not as a failure or mistake. In addition, the coach needs professional conversation skills and a competence to install a holding and trustworthy professional relationship.

Coaching is the practice of supporting individuals, teams and groups to progress towards formulating their own goals. Consulting refers to situations where the consultant takes a more active role to facilitate and contribute towards achieving clear project or organizational goals.

If your organization is interested to have a creative coaching workshop too, feel free to contact us via email: [email protected]
Whatsapp 0167154419

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

3rd Annual Women'Conference 2019 @ American Express Malaysia

2019 American Express Annual Women’s Conference.
Together with other guests and mental health specialist (Psychiatrist Dr Stephen and Dato Sheila Tan) to discuss about mindfulness. 

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I am honour to share about mindfulness tips to all wonderful people that I meet here. 
Thanks again all the organising committee to make this event successful and let me have a chance to share my perspective about mindfulness.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

[Workshop] How to unlock your brain potential

In this workshop, we have invited expert in counseling psychology Dr Pau to talk about how parenting style affects our brain development. Hiro, Clinical Director of New Mind also shares about how to use various evidence-based training to achieve peak brain performance. We also share about how trauma impacts the brain's development. 

Let's see the feedback of all participants of the day:
  • It is useful
  • It helps to create mental health awareness
  • A method for depressed symptoms
  • 让需要的人多一个治疗管道
  • Another alternative healing method for mental health concern
  • It is good info for someone who need help
  • It is a very truthful workshop, learnt a lot of something we don’t usually hear
  • outside
  • Now I know more details for own self
  • Topic is useful
  • great knowledge and awareness, will help many groups of ppl require this
  • The knowledge is relatable and currently the main problem of ppl around me, even they are
  • top performers, still got many emotion issue
  • I think info here will help others to handle their emotion more effectively
  • 这方面的知识还有很多人不晓得,而耽误了真真的治疗
  • It is helpful for us to learn about our brain and its function and how to react to surrounding
  • stimulation
  • 可以了解自己大脑的脑电波
  • It is good info to improve the person self-development mentally, emotionally and physically
  • To get know the technology and reasonable price
  • It can help more ppl when they have that problem
  • It is helpful to everyone
  • The topic is quite new and interesting which is different from those motivational talk

Sunday, August 18, 2019

【马来西亚自律神经失调调理工作坊Dealing with Dysautonomia Workshop】参加者回馈Testimonial





今次,开办的 #工作坊 环绕的主题便是【自律神经】,为大家解析相关的点滴,也会教导实践性的技巧去调节自己的状态。

有兴趣参与下一场【自律神经失调调理工作坊】的话,欢迎联络我们: 0167154419 (Whatsapp)


This workshop has benefited me greatly. I experienced my emotional ups and downs and I have learnt pay more attention to my emotional management. Through the workshop I realize how emotion can affect one’s personality and behavior. It also taught me the appropriate way to release my inner feelings and emotion. As for hypnotherapy, the therapeutic voice recording (by Hiro Koo) and music has helped my mind to stay calm; I was also able to relax and fall asleep. I am very grateful toward New Mind Brain Health Centre for the workshop. I sincerely thank them.


            老师的讲解与细心的教导,让我学习到如何加强自己的coping skill。当严重的恐慌发作时,我一次比一次的应对到。

Ann L:

            I had serious insomnia for years. As a result, I could not perform well in my daily life, especially at my work. At first, I tried sleeping pills. Then I relied on alcohol. Gradually, I became dependent on them which negatively affected my health. I had also tried other alternative ways to improve my sleep condition but to no avail, until I stumbled upon hypnotherapy. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy, I began to realize that I am able to sleep easier. It is truly amazing! I could not believe that hypnotherapy resolved my sleep problems which I had been suffering from for years. I can live a normal life now; I can get into sleep at night easily and wake up fresh in the morning. My energy level increased as the quality of sleep improved. Hypnotherapy is truly effective for me. I am glad that it is a natural and safe method that was able to address my condition without resorting to any medication. Even after most of my symptoms were treated, I strongly believe that hypnotherapy can also help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Remark: Our client's information will be kept strictly confidential all the time. All testimonials and photos have been acknowledged and provided by past and current clients of Hiro Koo.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

[testimonial亲子工作坊见证]必学的潜意识暗示法 · 教你如何改善孩子情商



报名方式: Whatsapp 016-7154419 | pm 


Name              : Hazel
Age                 : 31
Town              : Kepong

Name              : Jasmine
Age                 : 40
Town              : Kuala Lumpur

Name              : Cassandra
Age                 : 37
Town              : Kuala Lumpur
Job title          : Marketing

Name              : Chong
Age                 : 37
Town              : Bandar Sunway

Name              : Koh
Age                 : 37
Town              : Seri Kembangan

Name              : Maydelyn
Age                 : 42

Name              : Serene
Age                 : 37
Town              : Taman Desa
Job title          : Housewife

Name              : Daphne
Age                 : 39
Town              : Selangor
Job title          : IT Specialist
To understand and learn more of sleep talk that how powerful our language towards the kids/children. Can’t wait to try it out on kids and looking forward for something amazing.

Name              : Stella
Age                 : 31
Town              : Klang
Job title          : Managerial
Yes. For new parents as this is a very beneficial knowledge to tackle children issue (if any) in future. Through this also we can understand the parents’ power in firming up children’s character. Starting from young, spending 2 minutes a day and you will be benefited from it!

Appear Name  : Elizabeth
Town               : Klang
Age                 : 36
Job Title          : Dance instructor

这工作坊精要地把 “Sleep Talk” 的重要性提出来, 说明字眼的暗示性如何深深地影响一个个体的心理成长。将是透过各种生活上他所面对的案例,以亲切活泼的用语传达给学员,实际可靠的催眠技术,让人有动力去实践所学。

Appear Name  : WP
Town               : Petaling Jaya
Age                 : 38
Job Title          : Administrator

Yes. I gained more knowledge on how to give more love and care to my children and what kids of words can say and cannot. Besides, I also learned how to give and create a more safety environment to my children. I believe this sleep talk will hemp my son improve his hot tempered attitude and improve his sleeping habits.

Appear Name  : TW
Town               : Puchong
Age                 : 39
Job Title          : IT/ coach

Sleep Talk technique not only involves the psychological aspects of our children, but Hiro has transcript it from neuro-science and also the affection in the family. He also shared many real-life cases that lift up all of the above aspects.