Sunday, September 29, 2019

[Workshop] How to unlock your brain potential

In this workshop, we have invited expert in counseling psychology Dr Pau to talk about how parenting style affects our brain development. Hiro, Clinical Director of New Mind also shares about how to use various evidence-based training to achieve peak brain performance. We also share about how trauma impacts the brain's development. 

Let's see the feedback of all participants of the day:
  • It is useful
  • It helps to create mental health awareness
  • A method for depressed symptoms
  • 让需要的人多一个治疗管道
  • Another alternative healing method for mental health concern
  • It is good info for someone who need help
  • It is a very truthful workshop, learnt a lot of something we don’t usually hear
  • outside
  • Now I know more details for own self
  • Topic is useful
  • great knowledge and awareness, will help many groups of ppl require this
  • The knowledge is relatable and currently the main problem of ppl around me, even they are
  • top performers, still got many emotion issue
  • I think info here will help others to handle their emotion more effectively
  • 这方面的知识还有很多人不晓得,而耽误了真真的治疗
  • It is helpful for us to learn about our brain and its function and how to react to surrounding
  • stimulation
  • 可以了解自己大脑的脑电波
  • It is good info to improve the person self-development mentally, emotionally and physically
  • To get know the technology and reasonable price
  • It can help more ppl when they have that problem
  • It is helpful to everyone
  • The topic is quite new and interesting which is different from those motivational talk

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