Tuesday, October 1, 2019

[Review] Brain Fog and Chronic Fatigue symptoms Treatment | Malaysia - SCH

When I first came to New Mind Centre, I was facing a problem that I can’t do my work as usual. I suddenly cannot do all my work at that time, even a simple work that I usually do. My brain seems like not functioning well and whole day was moody. I thought was depress and go to look for Chinese and western doctor for 4 months, but still no improvement yet. After one day, I totally stuck with all my things, then we found out that New Mind can treat this kind of problem. So I decided to do the brain test and go for treatment. After the 5th times, I totally became different from the past. I started my work after 10 sessions of brain training. It becomes better and better now. I love the service New Mind provided with the friendly staff. Definitely will introduce to others to create awareness. 

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