Sunday, January 19, 2020

[Event] Creative Coaching Workshop for Miss Astro 2019

I was invited to conduct a creative coaching workshop to unleash the inner beauty of the Miss Astro 2019 Contestants. 
I am proud to be their mentor for this event.
The content of the workshop involved using creative coaching tools to bring out their best.

According to the Europen Graduate School, the Artwork itself is central to how the Coaching unfolds to find solutions, gain insight, widen perspectives and learn. This is called having an "art-analogue" attitude. With this expression we describe a basic attitude where the evolving (Art)process itself is leading the next step. In this attitude both, coach and client, serve the Art process in such a way that anything happening is taken as a guidance and opportunity and not as a failure or mistake. In addition, the coach needs professional conversation skills and a competence to install a holding and trustworthy professional relationship.

Coaching is the practice of supporting individuals, teams and groups to progress towards formulating their own goals. Consulting refers to situations where the consultant takes a more active role to facilitate and contribute towards achieving clear project or organizational goals.

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