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[Review] 马来西亚临床催眠治疗改善恐慌症症状Panic Attack Treatment Malaysia - Mr A Case


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名字:MR. A

你好,我叫MR. A 焦虑和恐惧在去年找上了我。当时,我还以为人士即将走到了尽头,心跳加快,手脚发冷,全身发抖等等超级难受。我还以为我患上了什么病,到处求医,到最后才知道得了焦虑症和恐慌。



Name: MR. A

Hi, I am Mr. A anxious and panic come to me last year. At the time, I thought is the end of my life, racing heartbeat, cold hands and feet, trembling and others, very uncomfortable. I thought I was suffering in a kind of illness, seek medical advice everywhere, at the end only know I am in anxiety and panic.

I tried many different methods, and finally found clinical hypnotherapy. in the short period of three months, I improved my life and how to deal with anxious and panic. Now, I am more relax and have a new perspective about the meaning of life.


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