Monday, March 29, 2021

[Client Review] What does recovering from a trauma feel like?


Review written by client:

During MCO / Covid’19 lockdown, despite being a working adult, 

I realize I still have unreasonable fear towards one of my parents. I prefer to rather lock myself in my own room the whole day rather than eating or taking my shower. Despite shifting out after that, the fear or tense feeling still persisted for months. I also have some symptoms where I could not really explain or express what it is, I always feel not stable, even when I am in a sitting position. I am in low mood or not motivated most of the time.

I was actively looking for therapist from Psychiatrist, counselors, psychologist, spiritual guru etc. Still I felt something is missing. At last I came across a video mentioning about hypnosis being able to mitigate blocks in our subconscious mind. But still I was not convinced, since there is no evidence/guide which can reflect my brain structure or something which I can refer to regarding to my condition. At last I came across Hiro Koo’s blog post.

Read an article about brain scanning and evidence based practice.  Hence I started my therapy. Till date, I have completed my 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy. For the first time in my life after 20 years plus, I am able to feel that I regained my centre of gravity (not in a floating state), being able to feel the presence of my own hands and legs (better sense of self). I have better sense of peace, and calmness. I wish to record my appreciation to Hiro Koo, for his perseverance in this alternative / natural healing practice.

With better emotional state and inner peace, I can live a much better and more productive life.  I am looking forward for my neuro-feedback sessions with New Mind Centre.



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