Saturday, March 27, 2021

[Review] 马来西亚脑波反馈疗法改善读写障碍症状 Dyslexia and Attention Training Malaysia - Sim Children


My youngest son has dyslexia and very hard to control his mood. After sending him for Clinical Neurofeedback training (brain training), his temper is more stable, can sit down to do his homework. This can be seen after his 2-3 treatment. Now his memory is better and can recognize more Chinese word.

After the Clinical Neurofeedback (brain training), same happened to my eldest son when was diagnosed depression few years ago. He passed his IGCSE exam with 4A and preparing to college this April. He’s doing his part time now. He now can handle pressure of work and study.

I started to realize everyone is born with a different brain and it is nobody’s fault and I’m happy that finally provide a solution to these without relying on medication.





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