Sunday, June 13, 2021

[Client Review] Intervention for relational trauma related concerns in Malaysia (BL Case)


Client's Review (Mr.BL)

I had difficulties accepting my past traumas in regards to my family and other relationships including myself. It affected my daily performance as my prior perspectives were not effective enough to help me be functional to carry out daily tasks to pursue my personal goals. 

Hypnotherapy helped broaden my perspective in a way condition myself to compassionately accept my past and see it a positive way as having a wider comfort zone going forward. As I started accepting and grow comfortable, I was able to open up to myself and others more which help me understand my behavioural and thought pattern more. This allow me to discuss and try out methods such as meditations, journaling, exercising regularly and eating healthily more consistently. 

With brain training (clinical neurofeedback), I saw my stress tolerance. Focus, thought processing, learning and sleep quality in more significantly. As I grew further into my practice, I am able to be more objective and make more rational decisions and increase my tolerance when there are thoughts overflowing, letting them pass like clouds.

This entire experience make me believe that if I take care of my mind and thoughts, I can be happy and healthy and I can achieve anything I set my mind to it. The more consistent I am incorporating there practice and habits, the more benefits I see in terms of being more open- minded and thoughtful to myself and others, balancing every day events and continue going forward even through difficult moments. 

This helped me to tune into my equanimity especially during these Covid-19 period and MCO, remembering my purpose and continue working towards by being flexible and having a strong belief system. Hence, how you perceive yourself and your environment will determine what you become.




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