Sunday, July 4, 2021

The Asia Pacific Journal of Neurotherapy: Clinical Neurofeedback and hypnotherapy as Integrative Treatment for Tics and Tourette Syndrome (Written By Hiro Koo)



Tourette’s syndrome is characterised by involuntary tics, repetitive movements and vocalisations and can lead to significant disturbance when engaging in daily activities. 

Clinical neurofeedback is based on the concept of the neuroplasticity and the mechanism ofaction is operant conditioning. Clinical neurofeedback has been found to be effective in improving brain function. 

Clinical hypnotherapy is said to deal with the unconscious processes of the mind and can be used to help treat a variety of disorders. In this case study, with a client diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, intervention included a combination of clinical neurofeedback and hypnotherapy. 

This combination of interventions led to a significant improvement in the client’s condition over time. Future studies might make more use of psychological testing to understand client’s progress and also include long term follow up


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