Thursday, June 23, 2022

(HRD Corp Claimable Training) Stress Tolerance Booster Workshop for the EcoWorld

New Mind Academy Corporate Health Talk for EcoWorld HQ. Pink uniform is the EcoWorld’s commitment and encouragement in developing a healthy mindset in work and life. And yea, it is not only limited to physical but also mental health. Our New Mind Academy Peak Performance Series - level 1 Stress Tolerance Booster Workshop focuses on stabilization phrase for body and mind (using the trauma informed approach). We believe that in order to achieve peak performance, you need to first feel safe and secure (both inside and out).

Some feedbacks that I received from participants that day:
“I learned how to self regulate my emotions and enhance stress coping capacity”
“I found there is actually a way to assert for my right without triggering someone else”
“I aware how the trauma can impact us and the method to address it”
“The 5 minute resource tapping is powerful, I can feel the immediate effect in rejuvenating my body and Mind.”

If you are interested to know more about this training course, feel free to contact us via: [email protected]

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