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Monday, October 2, 2023

Innovation Symposium on Brain-Computer Interfaces (Suzhou, China) - Guest Speaker to share about the application of Trauma-Informed Neurofeedback


一转眼,我已经提供脑波神经反馈训练neurofeedback training多达10多年了。在马来西亚,本来我是很孤独的,因为在这行的人实在不多,这个领域的专家也很少。但这几年,越来越多知音人出现,这个应用脑科学如今也被多国重点关注,亚洲各地都开始越来越多人重视脑机接口这一块。
In simple terms, I've been doing neurofeedback training for over 10 years. In Malaysia, it used to be quite lonely because not many people were into it. But in recent years, more people who understand it have shown up, and now several countries are paying serious attention to applying neuroscience.
Today, seeing top experts in China endorsing neurofeedback training, it really touched me.