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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

[Corporate Health Talk] Anxiety and Panic Management for the EcoWorld


Just conducted a mental health talk for the EcoWorld team.
All about anxiety and panic management:)
New Mind Brain Health Centre办了一场身心健康讲座给EcoWorld的团队们。

Tuesday, February 18, 2020





Ms C, 37, Self-employed said: “Thanks for the useful information and knowledge.”

Mr D, 43, Hypnotherapist said: “Interesting learning and creative presentation of topics.”

Mr B, 23, Logistic said: “Feel relax and easy to learn relaxing myself.”

Ms R, 34, Self-employed said: “Willing to share with others.”

Ms A, 40, Engineer said: “Willing to share the feeling with others.”

Ms C, 28, Wellness couch said: “Great Experience, thank you!”

Ms L, 35, Banker said: “A short and interesting course, would like to find out more about myself.”

Mr A, 28, Trainer and coach said: “Understanding the power of subconscious, interesting activity to understand about myself.”th

Ms Y, 23, Student said: “I have learnt new knowledge from this workshop.”

Ms K, Healer said: “吸取了很多心理,催眠方面的知识。


* All participants have signed the group informed consent form and all testimonials were consented by the participants.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) Health Screening Day

Offering brainwaves analysis (for understanding your sleep quality, stress, focus and attention abilities) after the health talk for all managers.

Contact us if you are interested.

Friday, March 16, 2018

[Corporate Talk] Stress Management Talk for the Personal Assistant Conference 2018

Unlocking Your Brain's Potential Corporate Talk
at the Personal Assistant Conference by BIGIT

Call us to de-stress and to learn how to manage your emotional and psychological stress that affects the functioning of your mental and physical health.
Unlocking your brain's potential now!
√ EEG biofeedback, provide empirical charts of your stress levels.
√ Learn an effective stress reducing tool.
√ Hypnotherapy, rewire your brain and re-align your conscious and subconscious mind.

Psychology is all about living life, call us for your mental health checkup now!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Brain Health Workshop - Basic (Module 1 & Module 2) 健脑基础班

日期:3th March 2018 (星期六)- 包含第1&2堂课
地点:Hypnosis Integrative Hub @ Wisma Life Care, Bangsar South (Unit 2-2B, Wisma Life Care, No.5, Jalan Kerinchi)
- 课程重视你的身心灵需求并借鉴脑科学技术,为你的大脑进行调理与提升!
- 让你不知不觉中改善情绪大脑状况并提升生理、心理、与人际关系状况。
- 透过轻松易学的小清新课程,你将成为自己人生的掌舵者,释放出最棒最有潜力的自己!
现在报名(Whatsapp 0167154419 Brain Health Specialist):


Name : HL
Age                 : 22
Town              : Batu Pahat
Job Title         : Australia Student
In this workshop, I felt a lot more comfortable to talk about my personal problems and share with strangers without any burdens of my flaws. Everyone in the room have similar problems and it did not make me feel out casted as everyone can related to each concerns and we can learn from each other.

Name : Kenneth
Age                 : 43
Town              : Puchong
Job Title         : Manager
This workshops improved my self-healing and coping skills. Besides, I learnt how to relax and calm down myself.

Name : David L
Age                 : 20
Town              : Selangor
Job Title         : Medical Student
After attending this workshop, I understood my own problems and found a solution instead of trying to dump the problem aside.

Name : Sara W
Age                 : 45
Town              : Selangor
Job Title         : Day Care Principal
This workshop helped me to relax and calm down. Besides, it improved my self-healing skills. I also learnt the way to express my feelings and some coping skills.

Name : Nicole L
Age                 : 20
Town              : Subang Jaya
Job Title         : Medical Student
It was a very relaxing workshop yet effective process to solve my problems and improve myself.

Name : Moi M
Age                 : 62
Town              : Batu Pahat
Job Title         : Accountant
This workshop gave me a deep understanding of how our brain works in term of emotion and stress. Besides, it also helped me to manage my own problems more effectively.