Thursday, February 12, 2015

[Corporate health talk] PPG Industrial Coatings - Stress management and wellness workshop

Feeling stressed? 
Need some expert help to tackle the tension in your life? 
Stress is a potential killer, implicated in medical conditions from high blood pressure and infertility to heart disease. But you can learn simple but effective tools that will help you get the better of stress, before it gets the better of you.

We were invited to conduct health talk at PPG Industrial Coatings.
Advice on good health and nutrition to create the right foundation to build your new stress-reduced life.

Breathing technique that teaches you to live in the present and stays happy.

Mindfulness meditation and self-hypnosis able to help with quickly achieving a deeply relaxed state.
Reduce stress and ease anxiety with mandala coloring.

All staffs tried our iridology assessment as well as EEG brainwaves assessment during the health talk. 
They are glad they have learned the destress techniques after our health talk.

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