Sunday, September 6, 2015

[Corporate Health Talk] Group Hypnotherapy Session for Stress Reduction and Relaxation at Kenanga Group Office

Health Talk conducted in English at Kenanga Group Office.

Health Talk Topic:
1) Understanding Women's Health by Miss Esther, President of Naturopathic Medical Association Malaysia
2) Train your mind like a muscle by Hiro Koo (clinical hypnotherapist)
3) Therapeutic massage & acupuncture treatment by Madam Low (TCM Practitioner)

Group Activities:
1) Group hypnotherapy session 
2) Detox juice recipe
3) DIY Therapeutic massage

这是为Kenanga Group客户量身订造的健康讲座。结合了身(Naturopathic)心(Clinical Hypnotherapy & EEG biofeedback)灵(TCM)的一个讲座会。主要集中在交流和学习实用知识,运用于生活中。让忙碌的投资者们,也可以在午休时间轻轻松松的充充电。

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