Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Interactive Health Talk on Stress Management] Group Hypnotherapy Session at Public Bank HQ

During the group neuro-hypnotherapy session, our EEG biofeedback device was hooked up to a client's brain in order to read and scan brain activity. It is completely safe, non invavise, painless and no side effect. 
Group hypnotherapy session 

Health Talk conducted in English at Public Bank HQ.

Health Talk Topic:
Stop Stressing, Start Living 

Esther Peh, President of Naturopathic Medical Association Malaysia 
Hiro Koo, Clinical Hypnotherapist 
 Madam Low, Chinese Physician

Group Activities:
1) Group hypnotherapy session 
2) Therapeutic massage DIY session
3) DIY juice therapy

Contact us if you are interested. 

这场在Public Bank HQ主办的Stress Management Interactive Health Talk吸引人上百人参加。
除了学习为该公司订做的自我催眠疗法,现场也示范了如何在家自己做刮痧排出压力和如何从饮食上着手调整压力指数。 谢谢大家的合作,让整个讲座非常顺利的进行。

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