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Sunday, June 23, 2019

AiFM Radio Interview - Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Program催眠瘦身


23 June, 2019 (12pm) 《理一理心理》 我爱瘦身,但却瘦不了啊?催眠瘦身 — at Ai FM / 爱FM.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Aifm电台《理一理心理》催眠,篡改记忆,挥别过去,走向未来 By Hiro Koo

主播:李 #籽瑩

嘉宾:Hiro Koo 临床催眠治疗师

12pm 《理一理心理》


点击以下影片收听part 1 & part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Hiro sharing session about the Tourette Syndrome on the Lite FM breakfast show - 19th February

Hiro sharing session about the Tourette Syndrome on the Lite FM breakfast show - 19th February 2019.
Hiro discussed about the prevalence and awareness about Tourette Syndrome.
We also discussed about the treatment option etc.

If you missed the show, welcome to read some tips below:

8 Ways to Deal with Ticcing in Public

Medical ID Card/Bracelet

When you were a kid, your mother might have carried one of those “I have Tourette” cards.   Some stranger would make a rude remark, or you’d be having a visible/audible tic in the grocery store, and mom would  flash the card.  It might have helped you both in some situations. If your tics are quite severe, one of these cards in your wallet is probably still a good idea, just in case someone seriously misinterprets your movements or  sounds. It’s not for flashing at random strangers, though (and you might prefer a Medic-Alert style bracelet or pendant for more difficult situations).
For your public outings, we suggest seven more methods for coping with tics that won’t stay in the closet when you’re out and about:

Don’t isolate yourself

It’s tempting, especially if you get nasty remarks and curious looks, but you’ve got as much right to enjoy public spaces and places as anyone else.  In totally public venues like the local library, the swimming pool, the shopping mall, or the sidewalk,  don’t worry about doing anything special.  These places belong to everyone, and that includes you. Some “public” places are a bit different, because other people come to them with certain expectations: upscale restaurants, the opera, that sort of thing. For these rare exceptions, see below.

Bring something attention-absorbing

When your mind is totally focussed, your tics tend to recede.  Waiting around in a public place might cause tics to come to the forefront  Always carry a book of really hard crosswords, number puzzles, a hand-held computer game, needlework,  sketchbook, an iPod with  the ultimate party mix, or something similarly engrossing, and let yourself really get absorbed by it.  Not only are you less likely to tic, but you won’t even sense it if you do, and you won’t observe any stares from other patrons either.

Bring a friend

If you’re enjoying their company and they’re enjoying yours, it will put strangers around you at ease. They may notice your tics, but they’ll also notice that you’re obviously a normal guy or gal with friends who like you. It’s an automatic icebreaker.

Be prepared

Think about your current tics, and how you might minimize both your own discomfort and others’ potential reaction.  For a spitting tic, bring a handkerchief so you can be discreet about it.  If you’re sniffing loudly, try a bit of Vick’s VapoRub or similar strong-smelling ointment under your nose — it will change the sensation, quite possibly short circuiting the tic for a while. If you have complex tics that slow you up, allow extra time to get into and out of events. If you find that you’re better relaxed after an hour at the gym or yoga class, schedule your life accordingly. And so on…

Prepare others

For events where the noise level might not be high enough to camouflage vocal tics, contact the venue in advance to see if they can suggest a solution. Perhaps a private box can be arranged (and if it’s a disability accommodation, there really shouldn’t be any extra cost to you…).  Many movie theatres now have “VIP Seating” for people who like to talk and canoodle during movies, and “Cry Rooms” for people who want to bring babies. These facilities can be helpful for you too.

Frame your response

If someone goes out of his way to be rude, use your judgement, but don’t be shy about defending your rights. You can reply directly with an explanation, complain to the management of the venue, or take your business elsewhere. The only thing you shouldn’t do is take it personally.  You can’t control your tics, but you can raise the level of the dialog, and, just maybe, add to someone’s knowledge.

Seek opportunities

Look for places where you can really let go:  if you’re a (young?) rocker, head for loud clubs, rock concerts, that sort of thing.  Other activities to explore include running, skiing, swing dancing, swimming, bicycling—all provide wonderful energy outlets.

Contributed by Mitzi Waltz

Monday, February 18, 2019

8TV 八度空间《活力加油站》- 囤积症(hoarding disorder)

受邀到8TV的《活力加油站》探讨脑波反馈催眠疗法与脑电波反馈疗法等如何帮助囤积症(hoarding disorder)
希望让更多人了解囤积症(hoarding disorder)。

 On air today (8TV), It is my honor to be the guest speaker to promote awareness for the hoarding disorder.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

8TV 八度空间《活力加油站》- 临床催眠X脑电波反馈疗法

受邀到8TV的《活力加油站》探讨脑波反馈催眠疗法与QEEG Brain mapping等好处与用途。
希望让更多人了解Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Neurofeedback和brain mapping的益处。主持人总结道:“催眠好科学”。让我倍感安慰!
 On air today (8TV), It is my honor to be the guest speaker to promote awareness for clinical hypnotherapy, neurofeedback and QEEG brain mapping:)

Monday, April 23, 2018

[Radio Interview] CityPlus FM - All about the Pre-Election Anxiety

On air today, we discussed about the Pre-Election Anxiety and how to cope with it:)
Basically the symptoms of it is similar with the Autonomic Dysfunction.

Beside all the tips that we mentioned on air, you can cope with it via psychological hypnosis method as well.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Segi University’s Forum (Careers In Psychology) - Guest Speaker

Guest speaker for the Segi University’s Forum (Careers In Psychology).
I am glad to share my story as a Clinical Hypnotherapist along with other mental health experts (Clinical Psychologist & Registered Counselor) today

😇Feeling blessed to inspire more people to join our field.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

都会佳人Citta Bella | Life Magazines 生活杂志 - 2017年11月刊Bella Soul 专栏之《关怀儿童心灵 》


不少科研学者的研究指出,心理学家普遍使用的认知行为疗法(CBT)对于许多心理问题都起着非常有效的效果。然而对于面对创伤或不善于表达的孩子,潜意识工具如表达艺术技巧与临床催眠其实可以达到事半功倍的效果。这是因为一些学者表示,认知行为疗法对于善于表达与理性的“左脑人士”会比较有效。然而大部分孩子都是“右脑人士”不是吗? 即右脑较为发达。右脑发达的人,情绪与创意是他们进行大部分活动时显现的主要模式。所以呢,创意类方法如表达艺术技巧可以更容易的进入他们的内心世界进行调理。当然我们不能否定认知行为疗法,表达艺术技巧,临床催眠与其他技巧都有其优点与缺点;但是这里重点要表达的是,我们应该“因材施教”。针对个别案例,进行了解并给予最适合的帮助较为恰当。

By Hiro Koo

Friday, March 16, 2018

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Expert Panel for the Tourette Syndrome Awareness Movement in Malaysia

It is my honour to be one of the Tourette Syndrome (TS) expert panels together with renowned psychiatrist Ass. Prof Dr Amer at the Astro Ria PM live today. I am glad to promote the Tourette Syndrome awareness with other specialists and hope more will come. It is indeed an exciting experience to share about the concept of clinical hypnotherapy, EEG biofeedback and psychotherapy method in managing the TS symptoms.
今天和马大精神科权威Dr Amer一起以妥瑞症治疗专家身份一起上Astro Ria分享了妥瑞症Tourette Syndrome的点点滴滴。主要是推广社会对这领域的认识与包容接纳。也让更多人了解妥瑞症的治疗方法。希望可以有更多机会去推广给更多人士与减低鄙视误会的问题。

Monday, January 1, 2018

《光华日报》Kwong Wah Newspaper: How to deal with trauma

《光华日报》Kwong Wah Newspaper
Using clinical hypnosis, neurofeedback and expressive art therapy to deal with trauma issues

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


都会佳人Citta Bella | Life Magazines 生活杂志 - 2017年9月刊Bella Soul 之《大肠急躁症》  




都会佳人Citta Bella | Life Magazines 生活杂志 - 2017年10月刊Bella Soul 专栏之《心灵健康职场》

世界精神卫生日(World Mental Health Day)订为每年10月10日举行。这个活动主要是推广心理健康教育。在现今社会里,许多人都需要心灵鸡汤。心理咨询与催眠等行业近年来变得非常火热,然而大部分职场人士都碍于面子或害怕因为被标签为有心理问题而失去工作。世界心理卫生联合会表示,研究发现每5人当中就有1位在职场上的工作人士面对心理问题。这就是为什么今年的精神卫生日把主题设为“职场上的精神健康”。




Tuesday, August 22, 2017

CITYPlus FM Interview - The Career Effects of Illness (14 August 2017)

Special thanks for CITYPlus FM【华丽上班族】

Saturday, August 5, 2017

都会佳人Citta Bella | Life Magazines 生活杂志 - 2017年6月刊Bella Soul 之《关于专注力这件事》







Wednesday, May 24, 2017

都会佳人Citta Bella | Life Magazines 生活杂志 - 2017年4月刊Bella Soul 之《别让压力影响你》

建议:脑电波反馈训练法不属于传统的心理咨询等服务,它更像是一种大脑运动技术。就好比说你去瘦身或健身前,你需要去测量体重计。你的体重计并不会评断你是否超重,而是由你的个人教练去给你意见该如何进行训练。同样的道理,脑电波反馈训练教练EEG biofeedback practitioner会为你进行脑波检测服务。你的脑波反馈教练会根据你的状况量身订造适合你的训练模式。科学研究发现,通常经过20次的训练,脑电波才会有显著的改善。这就如运动一般的道理,脑波训练也当然是做越多越有效。当你在选择你的脑电波反馈教练时,记得查询他的专业背景(如可有心理学或医学相关背景)与临床经验,一个临床经验越丰富的教练将会更有效地助你达到绝佳训练效果,脑电波训练绝对是安全、无痛以及无副作用的。


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Newsletter Yakult Live! (October 2016 Issue) "Watch what you eat - it affects your mood!"

Newsletter Yakult Live! (October 2016 Issue) 
"Watch what you eat - it affects your mood!" by Hiro Koo
Let's us examines the biophysiological processes that explain how our environment and what we put in our body affects our mood. 
This article is not providing nutritional advice but a psychoeducation. 
Psychoeducation is not a type of therapy but rather, a specific form of education.

Welcome to join our facebook discussion group: